The best ChatGPT prompts to master AI

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los mejores prompts de chatgpt para que domines la ia.jpg

Typing ChatGPT prompts with the keyboard

There are thousands of people who have already used ChatGPT at some point, but there is a big difference between using this AI casually and doing it with the best prompts . Therefore, we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know to exploit the potential of this assistant. Do you want to become an expert?



Since ChatGPT debuted on November 30, 2022, specialists and those who have become interested in AI in this period of time, They have looked for a thousand ways to take advantage of it. Because one of the features of artificial intelligence is that its possibilities have no limits. The only complicated thing is figuring out how to get the most out of it, given that there is no “instruction manual” that explains absolutely everything.

Fundamental knowledge

To start, we are going to explain everything you need to know about prompts. If you already have some experience with ChatGPT or have studied it, you may want to go to the next section where we tell you which are the best commands and we even share with you some little-known ones. But if you are just starting out and want to know everything, start here to make your learning easier.

What are prompts in ChatGPT?

These are the commands that you write, which you can also understand as requests or even “orders.” Technically, they are defined as sets of characters that are used for interaction with AI. In this case, ChatGPT is able to understand the meaning of your prompts and analyze them so that it can develop a response that can leave you satisfied.


Girl sits at the window to use the computer

This AI has the ability to remember the prompts that you have given it in the same conversation. This allows interaction with ChatGPT to be more natural and allows you to carry out long dialogues that can lead in different ways. Its memory limit is set at 4096 tokens (not exactly equivalent to the letters you type, but directly related to it), which is represented by about 311 lines of text. The moment you exceed this limit, you will see, from the AI’s responses, that it no longer remembers the first thing you talked about in the same conversation. However, in daily use, it is not common to reach this limit.

How to use prompts in ChatGPT?

All you have to do is open the AI ​​chat window and at the bottom start typing. This artificial intelligence, unlike others, will not act or start generating a response until you have sent the prompt. To do this, when you have finished writing it, you will have to press Enter or click on the arrow that appears at the end of the text box where you have written.

Place to write the prompt in ChatGPT

A few seconds later, ChatGPT will begin typing its response and, in parallel, you will have the opportunity to enter your second prompt to continue the conversation. If the AI’s response is too long and you see that it does not stop, something that can happen depending on what you have asked of it, you will have to press the Stop button (a small black square that will occupy the space of the send arrow). In any case, if you prefer short answers, it is something you can specify to the AI ​​before starting to speak.

How to make good prompts for ChatGPT?

As we told you before, the use of ChatGPT has much more depth than you can imagine. There are thousands of people who simply open AI, ask it a couple of questions and go blank because they no longer know how to continue taking advantage of it. Other users, in contrast to this, have come to take advantage of it in all kinds of ways, benefiting both their work and their daily lives. The difference is, as you will see, knowing how to make the best prompts.

We could talk for hours about how to create prompts, but we want to make it easy for you. Therefore, we summarize five fundamental points that will help you in your progress of creation:

  • Give your prompt as much context as you can: Don’t be afraid to go too deep. Apply the concept that “he who wants something, costs him something.” If you are searching for a perfect answer from the AI, you have to make sure it understands what you want.
  • Specify that you want it to focus on the main topic: being specific will prevent the artificial intelligence from starting to wander. If you tell it to stay within a specific topic, you will save yourself those moments when ChatGPT goes through the Hills of Úbeda.
  • Set some limits: before we told you that you could ask the AI ​​to give you short answers. Ideally, you should tell him exactly what you want. Do you only need 200 words? Tell her. Do you want the text written in one way or another? Do you prefer short sentences to long ones? Specify everything that comes to mind and is important.
  • Correct and improve your prompts: it is unlikely that you will find the key to your prompt the first time. If you don’t like the answer they gave you, edit the original request with some changes that make up for any gaps in what they told you. But don’t jump from one prompt to another like a headless chicken, because you’ll end up wasting time (and patience).
  • Open your mind: ChatGPT is a relatively new technology with flexible limits. Surely there are few people who imagine how far it can really go. Therefore, it is advisable to be creative and keep thinking of ways to take advantage of what it offers. And although guides like ours are very good, don’t forget that the best prompts that you are going to use will surely come to mind depending on what you need.

Professional thinks about the best ChatGPT prompts

Also, if you are going to use the pure version of ChatGPT and you are not planning on dealing with things that are not within your reach, assimilate as soon as possible that there are things that AI will never do, such as writing offensive comments. That will save you a lot of time and prevent you from investing energy in prompts that will take you nowhere.

How to request prompts from ChatGPT?

You may have heard that ChatGPT can share its secrets with you. And it’s totally true! As we told you: AI is capable of practically everything. So, in this regard, it is logical that I am also going to give you some recommendations about the prompts you could use.

Animated man has an idea about ChatGPT

There are several ways in which you can ask the AI ​​to reveal its prompts, both the most common ones and the least used ones. One of the quickest ways is to simply ask them. For example, you can say, “Tell me the strangest prompts you can think of that I can use with you.” And then ChatGPT will start to give you some recommendations within that context. Are they the best? Maybe not, but you can try again or say “give me more ideas.” The flexibility is enormous.

The other way to ask for prompts is to do it in a more concrete way. We may have something we want to do with AI and the direct requests we make don’t turn out too well. What is probably failing us is the prompt, so we will ask ChatGPT which is the best one we can use. We will do it with a formula like the following:

“Create a prompt to ask an AI to write a love letter to send to the person I like.”

Prompt for a love letter in ChatGPT

The answer will be along the lines of what you can see right here and that we have captured from our experiment with ChatGPT. Then all you have to do is copy and paste that ChatGPT prompts and the AI ​​will get to work on the letter in question. It is a very simple example, but the point is that you see that you can start from a very simple prompt and let the artificial intelligence shape it in more detail so that the answer is really good.

In our case, we have obtained a beautiful letter that I am sure many poets would applaud. In it you can read phrases like “Our story is woven with threads of love” or “Thank you for being the light that illuminates my life”, so it seems that it has done its job more than adequately.

The best ChatGPT prompts

There are thousands and thousands of prompts that you can discover and test with ChatGPT. Every day new ones are discovered and more ways are shaped to ask artificial intelligence for things. For the moment, we are going to give you some recommendations about those that we consider most interesting, most useful or most curious. But, above all, what you should keep in mind is that there are categories of prompts for a large number of professions. Marketing prompts, prompts for journalists, prompts for scientists, prompts for businessmen, for chefs, economists, teachers and a long etcetera.


We are not going to fool you, many of the times we enter ChatGPT it is to waste time having a good time without any type of objective. The possibilities are so high that, sometimes, curiosity causes us to spend more time than we would like talking to the AI. Below, we give you some prompts that you will like if you also have a good time in his presence.

Text game created with a ChatGPT prompt

  • «Tell me a joke about…» (and use the topic you want). Offensive topics are not accepted, but it is quite flexible. For example, you can ask him for a joke about mothers-in-law, one about the Treasury, or you can even ask him for a joke about ChatGPT so he can laugh at himself.
  • «Write a sequel to the series…». Not only will it give you a general plot, but ChatGPT will prepare the summary of each of the episodes of the season. He will also give it a title. We have tried asking for a sequel (another one) of Let’s Get to Work and we have been left wanting to see it.
  • «You are a textual adventure game where you give me options A, B, C, D to choose from. The scenario is… and I start with 100 life points. We have tried “Disney World” as a setting and the result has been first class (you have a screenshot a little higher).

For the day to day

With the use of ChatGPT you can reduce to a minimum many tasks that require your effort on a daily basis. You could do them yourself, but if the AI ​​has the ability to do them for you, you will save energy (and, after all, that’s what what the use of these assistants is about).

Ask ChatGPT what periclite means

  • «Translate this text into…» (choose the language). There are better translators, especially in minority languages, but the results in general are good, especially when translating into or from English.
  • «Make me a tourist route of… days traveling through…». The AI ​​will take care of organizing you each day morning, afternoon and night with good recommendations.
  • «What does it mean…». For you can make inquiries without having to go to the RAE.
  • «Recommend me the best…». And you can ask him for anything you can think of, from movies to books, video games, series or music.


Finally, we don’t want to forget about the prompts that will be best for you in your work. These, however, will vary greatly depending on the type of profession you have. We give some varied examples, but we recommend you delve deeper and discover many other commands that will help you make the most of the use of the wizard.

Sorry for delay message written by ChatGPT

  • “Write a message to… apologizing for having submitted a paper late.” You can tell to be more or less long, but in all cases the results are usually good.
  • “Check this text and tell me if there are spelling mistakes or anything that can be improved.” Or you can also ask him to change the words that you use repeatedly with other synonyms.
  • “Write a message that I can use to look for a job on social networks.” ChatGPT will leave some spaces that you will have to fill in with almost no effort.
  • «Give me a summary of this text». If you have a very long document, you can give it to the AI and have it make a quick summary to save you time.

The most secret

These prompts are not very well known and their use is very interesting, so perhaps they respond to a need that you have and you can take advantage Take note!

ChatGPT example writing legal texts

  • “Translate what I tell you into emojis.” You can give messages and what ChatGPT will do is simplify them with the use of emojis that you can then use in WhatsApp to make your conversations more enjoyable.
  • «Act as a social media expert and create a thread of 10 Twitter messages about…». Choose the topic and give it specific instructions depending on the communication style you want.
  • «Write the legal texts of a web page«. Thus ChatGPT will be in charge of preparing the text of sections of web pages such as “Legal notice”, “Privacy policy” or “Terms and conditions”.
  • “I want to learn about… Explain it to me like I’m 12 years old.” If there is a topic that you do not know and that you find too complex, using this prompt will help you obtain general knowledge that there will be no doubt that you will understand quickly .
  • «I’m going to tell you my opinion about something and I want you to respond to me as an expert on the subject would do, like…». By entering the name, which could be Elon Musk, for example, ChatGPT will craft a response consistent with that personality and knowledge.

However, this is just a sample of the many prompts you can use. As we have told you, the possibilities are immense, so when you start to dig deeper you will discover that there is always something new to try.