Google Maps receives a shower of new features: immersive view of routes and several AI-assisted functions

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October news on Google Maps

Over the years, Google Maps has become a key tool to guide us in our daily lives, whether we are walking or in any type of vehicle or bicycle. The application already works quite well, but the technological giant is relying on Artificial Intelligence to take a leap in quality and make navigation easier and orientation.

We are going to review what are the main new features that you will be able to see at the update your version of Google Maps or its arrival is coming soon.

AI on Google Maps

Google continues with its determined commitment to Artificial intelligence and, as in many of its other services, it will also apply it to Maps. Specifically, it does so on several main pillars in which AI is intended to help all users of the navigation application. “Google Maps is transforming the way people explore and navigate, and AI is being instrumental in making those innovative experiences available to everyone”.

Google Maps

For example, the old Search with Live View is now Google Lens on Maps. Just tap the Lens icon in the search bar in Maps and the AI ​​and augmented reality-powered feature will help you find your way better when you arrive somewhere new. With this function you will be able to see the information that interests you most around you, such as nearby ATMs, public transport stops, restaurants, cafes and shops. This function is now available in new cities, including Madrid and Barcelona.

Another function in which AI has a role is in the inclusion of more detailed maps, to circulate with more confidence. Soon, the navigation map will show you the real world with even greater precision, with realistic representations of buildings, more detailed lanes on highways, etc. The AI ​​on this occasion has been used to display assistance information about speed limits, so that you do not violate the maximum speed regulations even when the speed limit signs on the roads are not very visible.

The drivers of electric vehicles They will be one of the main beneficiaries of these improvements. To worry less about the range of your electric car, or at least not suffer as much from battery “charging anxiety,” you can see more information about charging stations. You can configure everything to suit you to show if a charger is compatible with your vehicle, charging speed, etc. Everything you need to locate the charging station that best suits your needs. You will also see information about the last time a charger was used, find out if they are free or anticipate possible breakdowns so as not to waste time and autonomy in vain.

Immersive route view

A great novelty for all types of drivers is this continuation of the immersive place view function, in which, when creating a route in Google Maps, you will be able to see the route from start to finish in impressive multidimensional images and which include photorealistic 3D mosaics.

From now on, users in Barcelona will be able to start testing this function developed with the help of AI, a radically new way of see your journey step by stepby car, on foot or by bicycle.

“Just figure out how to get there by bike, then tap the Immersive View preview to see the route from start to finish.” in stunning multidimensional images. You can prepare for each change of direction as if you were there, with detailed visual indications of each turn, and use the “time and weather” slider to plan your departure time based on practical information, such as a traffic simulation and the weather forecast. . Perfect for you to avoid driving in the rain or when traffic is worse.”.

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