This is the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Pro, the new phones that want to dominate the Android market

nuevos xiaomi 14 moviles.jpg
nuevos xiaomi 14 moviles.jpg

New generation Xiaomi 14

The moment has arrived: the Xiaomi 14 range of devices has been presented and the manufacturer has made a real splash by meeting, as expected, the forecasts. Both the Xiaomi 14 and the Xiaomi 14 Pro arrive ready to champion a new generation of smartphones that, once again, surprises in both capacity and components. And, as you probably already know, they incorporate the new HyperOS system.



In recent years the Xiaomi name has become law in the Android mobile market. They have catapulted themselves to the top and have shaped some of the best-selling flagships. For this reason, the presentation of the 14 series was so anticipated, especially due to the change in the operational interface. Because although it is still based on Android, there is no doubt that HyperOS changes the rules.

However, following what We are going to talk to you about both mobile phones. and not the operating system. We have another news article published about this in which we tell you everything, so don’t miss it!

Xiaomi 14

There are some features that are repeated in both terminals, both in the normal 14 and in the Pro. However, as you can imagine, differences are the order of the day. Something they agree on is the presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which marks a turning point due to its high performance and the features it is capable of when we turn on the mobile. For its part, the screen of the Xiaomi 14 is 6.36 inches in size, providing 1.5 K resolution and combining with a 50 MP triple camera sensor system.



All the colors of the Xiaomi 14

The main sensor is a Light Fusion 900 model, also having an ultra-wide sensor and a telephoto one, the latter with 3.2x optical zoom. The brand has introduced Leica Summilux lenses with the intention of improving performance and providing a qualitative leap compared to the cameras seen in the previous generation model. For its part, for the front camera, a 32MP one has been chosen, which is surprising because it is not far behind in terms of its ability to record video, guaranteeing that you can also capture at 4K and 60 fps.

Regarding the battery, you will be happy to know that a 4610 mAh battery has been incorporated with 90 W fast charging support, as well as a 50 W wireless charging option. We do not forget to mention the different models at the RAM level, since are offered 8GB, 12GB and 16GB options, as well as storage of a minimum of 256GB, 512GB in the medium model and a maximum of 1TB in the largest capacity. It does not lack any of the usual connectivity options, such as USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB-C and WiFi 7, while the resistance and durability level is IP68 certification.

Xiaomi 14 Jade Green Model

Four models are offered with a price of 3,999 yuan for the cheapest, 8GB and 256GB, and the most expensive for 4,999 yuan, including 16GB and 1TB. The 12GB with 256GB and 16GB with 512GB models cost 4,299 and 4,599 yuan respectively. In exchange, the prices are as follows in progressive order: 518 euros, 557 euros, 596 euros and 648 euros, although keep in mind that they are costs calculated only with the currency exchange. The international price of each mobile It hasn’t been announced yet.

Xiaomi 14 Pro

As we told you, there are many features in which both phones coincide, such as the processor, the front camera or the operating system. Among the changes, the screen stands out, which is, in this model, larger in size, given that reaches up to 6.73 inches, offering 2K resolution. For the design of this terminal, Xiaomi has implemented some changes compared to the Pro version of the previous generation, although it has made sure that the curved style that it ends up having is very attractive. We said that the front camera was the same and the rear sensors do differ, but not in a drastic way. The main change is that the Pro model has a variable aperture f/1.42 – f/4 which will provide a greater level of flexibility when using the camera.

All colors of the Xiaomi 14 Pro

Continuing with its characteristics, the battery, for logical reasons, is also superior. In this case, a capacity of 4880 mAh is reached, with 120 W fast charging available. Apart from this, there are not many more changes to take into account except for the availability in the Pro model of USB 3.2 Gen 2 connectorwhich guarantees a higher speed level (from 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps compared to the Xiaomi 14).

Regarding its cost, also taking the opportunity to comment on its memory options, It is released in three versions different: 12GB with 256GB, 16GB with 512GB and 16GB with 1TB. Their respective prices are 4999 yuan (648 euros), 5499 yuan (717 euros) and 5999 yuan (782 euros).

Holding the new Xiaomi mobile

We haven’t mentioned it before, but the general colors in which these terminals are launched, at least in their home market, are the following: Black, White and Jade Green. In addition, the Xiaomi 14 will have a pink color and the Pro will have a Titanium version with the maximum capacity that will cost 6,499 yuan, about 843 euros, and apparently will only be launched in China.



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