Fortnite will return to iPhone and iPad four years later and only in Europe

fortnite will return to iphone and ipad four years later.webp.webp.webp
fortnite will return to iphone and ipad four years later.webp.webp.webp

Good news for those who have been resisting the urge to play Fortnite on their iPhone or iPad for four years now: Fortnite will return to iOS before the year endsin Europe.

The news comes as a consequence of the opening of iOS to sideloading forced by the DMA (Digital Markets Law) European and despite the fact that Tim Sweeney has rated the changes advertised by Apple as “a pile of burning garbage.” Fortnite will return to iOS, but not to the App Store– Will be distributed from your own app store.

The return of Fortnite

In 2020 Epic forced the hand of Apple and Google by include your own payment system in Fortnite, something that went against the rules of both application stores. As expected, both Google and Apple expelled Fortnite from their store and the lawsuits against them began. they are doing better against Google that versus Apple.

Now Epic is preparing the return of Fortnite to iOS but not to the App Store, after Apple has been forced to open its ecosystem to sideloading and third-party application stores, due to European obligation, in iOS 17.4. Therefore, we can expect the return of Fortnite to iOS only in Europe.

He announcement of the return of Fortnite to iOS has been brief and on the official Fornite account on Xwithout too many concrete details and with mentions of both the EU and Apple:

Do you remember Fortnite for iOS?

How about we bring him back?

Later this year Fortnite will return to iOS in Europe through the Epic Games store.

(Shout out to DMA, an important EU law that makes this possible).

@Apple, the world is watching.

There are not many details in this announcement and this is to be expected for Fortnite to return to iOS Epic has to launch its app store firstthe Epic Store, and this is something that remains to be seen if it will end up coming to fruition or not.

Tim Sweeny, CEO of Epic Games, called the changes announced by Apple yesterday “a flaming pile of garbage,” emphasizing that with these changes “Apple can choose which stores can compete with its App Store” and “They can prevent Epic from launching its Epic Games Store” to distribute Fortnite, so we will still have to wait a couple more chapters to see the outcome of this drama.

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