How much is my cell phone worth?

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cuanto vale mi movil.jpg

It is increasingly common that we choose to buy a second-hand mobile phone or that we want to sell ours to be able to renew the device and finance part of it. Therefore, if you are wondering how much my cell phone is worth, today we want to help you answer this question so that you can assess what influences when setting the price of the phone. appraisal of your cell phones.

How much is my cell phone worth? This is what influences when making the appraisal.

There are companies, such as We buy your mobilewhich help you quickly answer the question of how much my cell phone is worth, with a instant appraisal and the warranty to have the best valuation on the market.

If you want to know how to get more for your mobile, these are some of the factors that are taken into account.

How much is my old cell phone worth?

Original make, model, age and price:

Obviously, it is not the same as whether you want to sell a top-of-the-range iPhone from a couple of years ago or what you are selling is an entry-level model from six or seven years ago. The original price has a lot to say when valuing your mobile.

Marks of use and aesthetic condition of the device:

Scratches, bumps or breaks on physical elements such as the screen, chassis, frame or camera lenses reduce the appraisal price of your mobile device. The more impeccable it is, the better rating it will have.

Battery status:

The battery is another of the elements that is checked the most before offering a purchase price for your mobile. Manufacturers like Apple allow you to see the battery life, expressed as a percentage, so that your buyer can know what condition it is in. The battery capacity of a device will greatly influence the total autonomy it gives us, but also the performance of the terminal.

Accessories included:

If you want to increase the price of your mobile phone appraisal, remember to bring all the original accessories it has. The box, the charger, the USB cable, headphones, manuals… The more complete your mobile is, the more options you will have to get a higher sales price.

It’s free?

Although today all mobile phones come factory-free, until a few years ago this was not the case. Therefore, if you are going to sell a very old mobile phone, it is something that you should include in the product description, since selling an unlocked mobile phone is not the same as selling an operator-capable mobile phone.

Other factors that are taken into account:

Finally, to know how much my phone is worth, you have to take into account any other cosmetic or hardware damage that the device may have. Before sending it for appraisal, try to do a little maintenance so that it is in the best possible condition, both aesthetically and performance-wise. It will be good for you to do a factory reset and clean your phone well, both the speakers and the screen, the cameras, the ports…

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