Do you know how much you have to pass the ITV in 2024? So you can check it from your mobile with miDGT

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The mobile phone is a fundamental tool in everyday life. Many of us have all our information there, but also work tools and a complete ecosystem of entertainment applications. However, it is also useful in carrying out procedures in the Administration and even to identify ourselves.

For the latter, we can use the miDGT application that not only has our license, but all the information about our vehicles. And, among all that information, We can check when we have to pass the next MOT. We tell you how to do it.

How to see when you have to pass the ITV from your mobile

A few years ago, the DGT launched the miDGT app. It is a very interesting and useful application that even serves to identify ourselves as citizens. Since you have to access with Cl@ve, your information is linked to our data and, if we leave our DNI at home, the car license that we carry in the miDGT app is valid in case they ask us for documentation.

In this app too we can see the points we have on the cardas well as technical data of our vehicle and, in one of the sections, the date on which we passed the MOT and until when we have to pass it again.

The first thing is to download miDGT and authenticate yourself using a system like Cl@ve. It’s not the fastest thing in the world, but it’s something you’ll only have to do once. The next time you log in, the application will ask if you want to use a biometric system to authenticate yourself, which can be FaceID for the iPhone or fingerprint for Android.


The General Directorate of Traffic puts at your disposal a free mobile application so that you can carry your driving license and the documentation of your vehicles in digital format on your mobile.

Once inside miDGT you will see your name, a section to see your license and registration and model of your vehicle. You can click there, but also in the side menu that is displayed if we click on the three lines at the top left and go to ‘My vehicles’.

In this section we have the technical data of the car, the registration date, the environmental label, the circulation permit with its corresponding QR code, the insurance company we are with, the owner of the vehicle and what interests us, the ITV data.


There we have its status (whether it is favorable or not) and the deadline to pass the recognition again. This way, you have the information accessible on your mobile and You don’t have to be searching in the glove compartment or in the car sticker itself.

Yes, in 2024 you have to continue wearing the DGT sticker

Related to this, A few days ago the news appeared: the DGT was going to eliminate the ITV sticker in 2024. He ran on gunpowder, but neither the ITV association nor the DGT have communicated anything about it. In fact, it pointed to a new application to view the label information of the MOT which is currently mandatory to carry on the vehicle’s windshield.

These labels are used so that, in case the police stop us, they can identify at a glance whether we have the vehicle in correct condition, but that same information is digitized and appears when they enter the vehicle’s license plate.

Therefore, it made sense, and it makes sense, that the ITV sticker be removed, but it is not true that it will be done now. From Xataka Móvil, we have asked the DGT press department to find out if it is true that the big change of 2024 was the elimination of the ITV labels, and They have confirmed to us via phone call that they have said absolutely nothing about it..

Furthermore, AECA-ITV itself has issued a statement in which they also confirm that the information is false:

The Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles AECA-ITV clarifies the information that several media outlets have published in recent days about the alleged decision of the General Directorate of Traffic to eliminate the mandatory use of the ITV sticker in 2024. The association that represents practically all ITV stations in the country states that this information is not correct.

The entity explains that the regulation on the ITV sticker is contained in the General Vehicle Regulations, approved by Royal Decree 2822/1998, of December 23 (Annex XI signs on vehicles) and clarifies that a modification of this regulation It should be done through a norm of the same legal rank, that is, Royal Decree, or higher rank, which as of today is not happening.

AECA-ITV also remembers that the ITV sticker is not a simple adhesive, it is a badge that, in accordance with the General Vehicle Regulations, is called V-19 and its main objective is to allow the authorities to know, at a glance, whether or not the vehicle has a valid ITV. It has the same relevance as the rest of the vehicle documents.

In fact, if you don’t bring it, the fine is 100 euros, even if the review has been favorable.. That is, for now, we are still obliged to carry this label, but if you did not know when you have to pass the inspection, you already know the method of the miDGT app.

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