ChatGPT launches store: these are the most interesting options

chatgpt launches store these are the most interesting options.png
chatgpt launches store these are the most interesting options.png

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OpenIA has recently activated the GPT Store: a chatbot store where we will be able to find all kinds of options created by external developers. We tell you the most interesting ones.

The ChatGPT paying users They have seen how a new service has recently been added that is included in their usual subscription. Is about GPT Store, a concept very similar to that of the application stores that we find in both the App Store and the Play Store, but with a clear common denominator between all of them: the presence of AI.

This is a store that collect all custom personas that have been carried out from ChatGPT and that receive, in the words of OpenIA itself, the official nomenclature of “GPTs”. We tell you all the details.

Custom versions

A tour through the GPT Store, which can be accessed through this link, is enough to realize the large number of personalized chatbots that users have created. Offering great diversity when it comes to power perform all kinds of functions: from checking which routes are close to our position so we can go running with our pet to applications that help us create code correctly so that we can program with it later.



In this first phase of launch, this function is reserved only for paying users. It is unknown if in the future it can be opened to the majority of users who enjoy the application for free. Furthermore, in the near future it is expected that, Depending on the popularity of GPTs, Developers can monetize their applications. With the objective, also, of encouraging the creation and development of more and new options.

Featured GTPs

Once we have known the way of working of the GPT Store and the plans that Open IA has for developers who are interested in this initiative, it is time to give way to knowing some of the more interesting options that offers:

  • AllTrails: Athletes or lovers of an active lifestyle can surely find a lot of uses with this GPT. AllTrails, a chatbot that allows us to find out which are the closest routes where we can run, take a walk in the mountains or soak up nature. In addition, we can request certain conditions such as, for example, that they be easy to travel with our pet.

image of a gpt

  • Books: As its name suggests, Books is made specifically with literature lovers in mind. This is a guide that will help us find our next favorite book. We can interact with him and ask him, for example, to recommend a book similar to the writing style of our favorite writer. Automatically, it will offer us a large number of options to choose from.
  • AksYourPDF: Can you imagine being able to interact with a PDF file that you have to work on? This is the proposal of AskYourPDF, a chatbot that greatly simplifies all the management that we must carry out with any PDF document that we need to work on.
  • Designer GPT: In this case, DesignerGPT works to design web pages based on our needs and indications. We can ask it, for example, to design a website following X instructions and, immediately afterwards, it will begin to develop the code that we will have to use later to format it.
  • ScholarAI: ScholarAI allows us to access information from the more than 200 million academic articles it has in its database. We can ask you specific questions about a specific field, such as science, or ask you to make a selection of the different articles that have been published on a topic we are researching. A large number of options at our disposal to simplify the process of searching for reliable sources of information.



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