Microsoft acknowledges a bug with the latest Windows 10 security update

microsoft acknowledges a bug with the latest windows 10 security.jpg
microsoft acknowledges a bug with the latest windows 10 security.jpg

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In the last few hours a new Windows 10 security update, but it didn’t take long for users to start commenting that they were encountering an error. Now it has been Microsoft itself that has recognized it and has even shared a possible solution for those who are suffering from the problem.



The month of January has begun with numerous updates issued by Microsoft for the different available versions of Windows. With Windows 11 there has been no altercation and users are even enjoying its new features, but in Windows 10 the result has been very different. Security patch KB5034441 has generated an error which has given the community headaches.

Update for BitLocker

The patch in question was aimed at BitLocker, the security system that Microsoft has to combat different possible incidents, such as possible data theft. Due to its importance, it is a tool that must always be updated to the latest and that the company monitors with the intention of ensuring that always works at full capacity.

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That’s why the Windows 10 KB5034441 update was so important, especially because it solved a vulnerability that Microsoft was trying to repair as soon as possible. According to the information published by the company, this update would solve the risk due to which hackers could use WinRE with the intention of bypassing the defensive barriers that BitLocker provides through its filtering. The negative is that, as we told you, the update has not gone well.

An error message appears

It is not frequent, but on this occasion, when users entered Windows Update and clicked on “update”, the system did not follow the usual process. While it might appear that the update had been applied effectively, at the time it was done computer restart A Windows Update message appeared reporting an error and referring to code 0x80070643. In addition, it was indicated that Windows would try to download the update later and it was recommended to search the Internet or contact support if more information was needed.

However, Microsoft has explained what has happened and it is more of a technical problem than a security aspect to fear. Of course, it requires a little work to be able to apply the update before the company fixes it itself. What happened, in reality, is related to the way in which the KB5034441 update create a recovery partition. You need it to be able to install a new version of Windows Recovery Environment so that the bug that endangered the BitLocker environment can be solved. But, unfortunately, the way the process was developed leaves the partition, which is about 500 MB, without enough space for the new version of WinRE. Therefore, the problem occurs and error 0x80070643 appears before the user.

BitLocker disabled in Windows

The solution published by Microsoft consists of shrinking the C: partition and creating one with enough space to install the update. In any case, experts mention that this process shared by the Windows company is complex and that, in reality, it’s a bit risky. It should only be carried out by users who have enough knowledge to ensure that it will not end up affecting their computer in any way. And not only that, but some people who have followed Microsoft’s steps mention that, even with 1 GB partitions, they still encounter the same problem.

So, beyond the solution, which you can access from here with the risks that applying it may entail, as has happened with other Windows errors, the most advisable thing would be wait for Microsoft to provide a solution. This way you will be guaranteed that you will not get into trouble and that your computer will be able to continue functioning at full capacity even if, for the moment, you are still exposed to the BitLocker security problem.



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