I have tried the perfect cheap high-end mobile phone to retire the iPhone that is not sold in Spain

iphone 15 pro max.png
iphone 15 pro max.png


The manufacturer realme has hit the table with a high-end mobile phone that rivals Apple, Samsung and the rest of the Chinese firms.


Mobile brands have been changing and adapting strategies since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. That terminal was a turning point in the industry, an industry that in recent years has increasingly leaned more toward the high-end than the entry-level or the mid-range, which in countries like Spain continues to be critical.

This is perceived in the price increase of the best terminals from firms such as Samsung or Apple over recent years (although with certain exceptions), but above all it is noticeable in brands that, historically, have wanted to position themselves as firms with good value for money. Two stood out here, Xiaomi and realme.

The first has already made a powerful move so that the Xiaomi brand stops being synonymous with cheap mobile phones, and it really seems that it also wants to attack the high-end with a new smartphone that has chosen include everything needed in 2024. It’s not just power, but a very good camera system, a great design, a spectacular screen, good autonomy and fast charging… is it perfect?

A first-class design

Realme mobile phones have never been particularly striking or ugly terminals. In fact, they have been some of the most valued, such as the realme GT with a sporty look and the realme 11 Pro, with a quite elegant finish. Both had in common having versions with a vegan leather finish that greatly improved the grip, the feel in the hand and the visual appearance.

The same thing happens with the realme GT 5 Pro, a terminal that seems to draw on the aesthetic line of the OPPO Find X7 Pro, but with a little less style. It has a large front, with a double curved screen (Realme still does not dare to eliminate the curves as brands like Samsung have done). The sides are a copper tone to match the back areaorange.

In that back part, made of vegan leather, it stands out a huge camera module with three sensors that cover a fairly wide spectrum. Versatility, finally, will not be a problem in the flagship from realme. There is a fourth sensor that is not indicated what it is for. The construction is top-notch and, in the hand, it gives the same feeling as the best mobile phones on the market. Spot. Well, except for one point. The water and dust resistance is IP64, which means that it cannot withstand accidental immersion, at least on paper. The 218 grams are somewhat high, but it is explained when you look at the battery capacity.

Unleashed power

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. With that there is little more to add to illustrate the performance of this mobile. Realme has been one of the first brands to partner with the American processor manufacturer, and has done so to show that they can compete head to head with the rest of the brands.


The RAM and internal memory are also up to par. The basic version (sic) is the one that has 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, but there are other variants that reach 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. Both memories use cutting-edge technologies, which results in energy savings and shorter charging times.

But let’s be honest, These amounts of power are completely unnecessary for 90% of people. Or maybe more. Only by playing titles like Genshin Impact will you notice the jump compared to the previous generation. And this shows that, unlike what Nothing has done on the Phone (2), Realme wants to be able to boast of having the latest and greatest.


The same thing happens in connectivity, although with the expected absences. Let’s start with these last ones: There is no headphone jack, no micro SD, no FM radio. We are in 2024, surely no one will expect these technologies anymore. Instead, We have double speakers, infrared emitter, 360-degree NFC, Wifi 7 or Bluetooth 5.4.

The shine for the flag

Realme has boasted that its new smartphone has a screen capable of reaching 4,500 nits maximum brightness. These figures are becoming the new GHz of processors or Mpx of cameras. The race to reach the highest levels is beginning to become absurd.


The reality is that the realme panel, 6.78 inches and resolution 2,780 x 1,264 pxobtains those peaks only in specific areas when certain content is played in HDR, as it is compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10+. In normal situations the brightness can reach a very respectable 1,600 nitswhich in itself makes this mobile phone one of the most interesting in this section.

Under the screen it has a fingerprint sensor reminiscent of OnePlus, very fast and reliable, and it also has palm unlock. That is to say, You can scan your palm to unlock the terminal. It’s funny, but face unlock is still more comfortable.


The panel used is a third generation LTPO OLED type, capable of reach 144 Hz maximum refresh rate and 0.5 Hz minimum. This means that it refreshes the content once every two seconds. Thus, a lot of energy is saved, which together with the size of the battery means that the autonomy of this model is ahead of that of other rivals. Regarding color reproduction, the panel shows the real tones, being able to modify the representation mode, with more real, more natural tones or choose them manually in Pro mode. Of course, we have access to reading mode, which reduces blue light, we can change the font, the size of the letter, and even enhance the brightness in HDR mode. There is also the option to not turn off the screen while looking at the camera.

Without periscope there is no high range

The camera is one of the most important features in a mobile phone above a certain price. In 2023 we have seen how this reality has been reinforced, especially due to the Apple’s commitment to periscopic zoom, something that other brands have been using for years but that now cannot be ignored, having the best Apple mobile one. Realme used this technology in the realme X3 Superzoom, a high-end terminal from 2020 that included a periscope with 5x optical zoom. Since then this feature has gone completely unnoticed, but in the realme GT 5 Pro the company wanted to bring it back, with several changes. Now the zoom sensor is 50 Mpx, not 8, although the range is smaller, remaining at 2.7x, like that of the OnePlus Open. In a hybrid way it reaches 6x magnification.


The quality of this sensor, with f/2.6 aperture, has pleasantly surprised us, but It is true that in low light the detail goes down quite a bit., as usually happens in long-range sensors. All in all, since this is not a mobile phone that would be sold for 1000 euros, there are no complaints with this camera.

The main camera is also 50 Mpx. It uses a LYTIA 808 sensor from the same family as the LYTIA T-808 in the OnePlus Open, with an f/1.7 aperture and OIS optical stabilization. The quality is more than notable, with a high shooting speed, a very good dynamic range and quite good detail.

The wide angle sets the discordant note. It uses an 8 Mpx IMX 355 sensor from Sony, of lower quality compared to the other two. During the day the results are not bad, but the resolution makes the detail suffer when enlarged minimally. At night this is even more appreciated. It is missing that a better quality sensor has been used in this camera.

Finally, On the front it has a 32 Mpx camera for selfies, which is not capable of automatic focusing. It has an electronic stabilizer and is capable of recording 4K video, something that some high-end models do not do, for some unknown reason. Of course, in low light the quality is not as high as would have been expected when recording video.

Big battery and better charging

The unit that Realme gave us for testing is a Chinese market unit, so the software optimization is not the same as what it will have in Spain. This can positively or negatively affect autonomy, which is why we have not done exhaustive battery tests, as on other occasions.

Obviously, we have used it for several days, which has shown us that this will not be a problem, especially because of the 5400mAh that has the battery. Reaching the end of the day or approaching the total 48 hours will depend on the use we make of the smartphone itself. Furthermore, charging will not be a problem since it has not only 100W fast charging and a charger in the box, but also with cwireless arga.


This has been the icing on the cake, the inclusion that shows that it really can compete with the best models on the market also in charging versatility. And be careful, because the realme GT5 Pro’s wireless system is no less than 50 Wone of the fastest.

Chinese interface

As we have mentioned, The test unit is from the Chinese market, which is especially noticeable in the software. Obviously, this wouldn’t be the case if it were released in Europe, but we had to mention it. That is why all the images have the interface in English, as Spanish is not available.


This model arrives with Android 14 and Realme UI 5.0 or what is the same, the custom layer of OPPO, realme or OnePlus, since the differences are so few that they can be considered the same. This is a positive thing, because OPPO has one of the best interfaces, very fluid and with great customization, in addition to not causing problems with the management of apps in the background. Obviously, since it is not an officially certified mobile phone, installing apps like Netflix is ​​not possible, at least from the Play Store, but that same store had to be installed manually since the mobile phone does not have it, given that the services of Google are not available in China. Again, we want to insist, this will not be the case when it is sold in Spain.

The main software innovation of this model is the palm reading unlock. This allows the hand to be used as an identification system, instead of the face or fingerprint. Additionally, in some software versions There are gestures that allow you to use the front camera to perform actions. It is not the first time we have seen it and it does not seem that this is the implementation that is going to make them fashionable. However, on the loaned unit this function was only compatible with two Chinese social networks.


We also hope that the left section of the desktops will disappear, with widgets and shortcuts, and Discover will be displayed, as is the case on all realme phones sold in Spain. It would be strange if it were not like this, at least optionally. However, without having thoroughly tested the software as it is not the European version, It is clear that OPPO continues to make great progress in this regard.is increasingly polishing its applications and interface, and OnePlus and realme benefit from it.

I buy it?

Unlike other models, This realme GT 5 Pro does not have an arrival date in Spain, and much less price. We do not know if the company wants to put it on sale in its native country first or if it will not leave those borders. Prices in China are low, but an extrapolation to a price in euros cannot be made.


Would it be worth it if it were put on sale in Spain? It is probable, especially with a cost of about 900 euros maximum, to be able to face models like the OnePlus 12 or the Samsung Galaxy S24 that already have a release date. For now we can only guarantee that the new realme GTs will arrive in Spain in 2024, but we do not know if with the GT 5 Pro as the flagship.

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