Book Day: take advantage of the best offers on eBooks

book day take advantage of the best offers on ebooks
book day take advantage of the best offers on ebooks

Today, April 23, is World Book Day. A long-awaited day for all lovers of literature. We tell you which are the best offers on eBooks that we will be able to find.

Book Day has arrived and, with it, the perfect excuse to enjoy the latest literary news from our favorite authors. And what better day to buy an e-book reader so we can carry as many books as we want? Just a few days ago, we told you which were the best pages to download eBooks . Today we bring you a selection of offers so we can indulge in reading with some of these eBook readers.

Kindle 2022

Amazon has one of its star products in the Kindle . And is not for less. With it, we can always carry hundreds of books with us in just a few grams of weight. Today, the North American giant is celebrating Book Day in style by lowering one of its star models: the 2022 Kindle. It is a 6-inch ebook, with a high-resolution backlit screen and that, in addition , we can buy it both in blue and in a very elegant black tone.

The original price of this ebook is 109.99 euros. However, today it can be ours for 90.08 euros . The perfect opportunity to get one of the most complete devices on the market, as confirmed by the more than 4,300 reviews with a total score of 4.7 out of 5. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Kobo Libra 2


On Amazon we also found an interesting offer on this Kobo Libra 2 . This is another of the most balanced e-book readers out there. Furthermore, in this version we find a 7-inch screen with an anti-reflective treatment that allows us to enjoy our reading at any time. Regardless of the conditions that surround us.

Unlike many other readers we found, in this case we found a waterproof ebook. So we will be able to take it with us to the beach, to the pool or use it on rainy days without having any worries. With 32 GB of storage, it is capable of storing more than 20,000 books. On Amazon we found it reduced by 7% today, going from 199.99 euros to the current 186.73 .

PocketBook InkPad

The PocketBook InkPad is another of the ebooks that we currently have with an important offer. In this case, it is a 19% discount, which allows us to enjoy this ebook for 238.84 euros , compared to the 294.99 euros RRP it usually has.

It is a device that weighs just 267 grams and has an electronic ink screen, with a touch interface and, in addition, different buttons to make interacting with it much more comfortable. With 42 ratings, it can become the best gift for this Book Day.

Denver EBO 626

At Miravia they also have different e-books with discounts that are very interesting. This Denver Ebo 626 is the best example of this. With a 6-inch screen, it has 4GB of storage, more than enough to store a large number of books in it. However, if we want more, we will also be able to expand its storage with a MicroSD card of up to 32GB.

Its battery allows us to enjoy up to 200 hours of standby time, reduced to 20/25 hours in reading time. Its RRP is 89.99 euros, but today it has a reduction of 11%, reaching 79.89 euros. If it is our first order, we can apply a 10 euro coupon, leaving a final price of 69.98 euros .

eBook Woxter SCRIBA

This eBook from the Woxter brand is another of the options that Miravia offers us. In this case, it is the SCRIBA model, it has a 6-inch screen and 4GB internal memory. If we need more memory, we can expand it with a memory card, reaching 32 GB. More than enough storage to cover all our needs.

With a weight of 170 grams, it becomes one of the best options to take with us anywhere. In addition, today it has a 15% discount, with a final price of 95.40 euros. If it is our first purchase, we can discount 10 more euros: leaving a total price of 85.40 euros.


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