Your next password will not be chosen by you: Google Chrome’s AI will do it

your next password will not be chosen by you google chrome's ai will do it
your next password will not be chosen by you google chrome's ai will do it

Creating passwords has become a challenge for users. Increasingly, it is necessary to meet certain requirements for the chosen password to be accepted by the relevant service provider. In order to simplify this process, Google Chrome will rely on AI to create your next access credentials.

As cyber-organized groups have become a threat to any user, more and more service providers require more complex passwords that avoid being decrypted. Currently, it is common for us to enter alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case letters, and even special characters. Given this scenario, Google has decided to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence so that, soon, it will be its own AI, Gemini, that will be in charge of suggesting new access passwords.

It was the X user, Leopeva64 , a well-known leaker, who detected this new possibility. Investigating the code, it has been learned that Google would have plans to integrate Gemini into Google Chrome to update password hints. However, there has still been no official announcement from the American company that gives us hope that this new possibility could arrive soon.

Some questions

Currently, when a user has to create a new account on any website, it is Google Chrome itself that is responsible for offering random password suggestions that are characterized by being much more complex to decipher. Once this new possibility is implemented, apparently it will be possible to ask Google Chrome to generate our new password using Artificial Intelligence. All the information will be registered in the relevant manager, so that we do not have to memorize anything.

Investigating the code, the previously mentioned user has also detected that the function will be deactivated in the event that all passwords are deleted from our profile. However, it seems that all the changes are in a very early phase and it is still unknown, for example, if there will be a way to deactivate the recommendation of new passwords by AI or if it will always be activated when we want to create a new password or edit one that we have. we have.

The security problem

As we have previously anticipated, Google has not made any official statement in this regard. So, at the time of writing, we don’t know exactly how it will work. Although AI can be key to creating much more secure passwords, the reality is that it can also become the number 1 target of hackers and cyber-organized groups, who will look for ways to penetrate it in order to extract our keys.

We will be attentive to Google’s statements to find out how it is working to protect its language model from possible security breaches or external attacks that it may receive. Meanwhile, what seems certain is that, a priori, AI-generated passwords will surely be much more complex to crack than those created manually by users.


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