Master the MiDGT application like a master: from paying fines to sharing car documentation

master the midgt application like a master from paying fines to sharing car documentation
master the midgt application like a master from paying fines to sharing car documentation

The government has numerous applications in the Play Store, and one of the most useful is MiGDT, which encompasses everything related to the car.


The different administrations and delegations of the government have been increasing digitalization in recent years , which allows citizens to carry out numerous procedures without having to waste as much time as before. A good example is the digital certificate, which can now be installed for free and easily on your mobile.

But it is not the only procedure that helps us on a daily basis. The My Citizen Folder application has become a powerful tool, capable of helping us avoid queues, carry out certain procedures and, above all, consult data without having to waste hours browsing or calling on the phone.


But, before these applications and services, the General Directorate of Traffic launched an application that has been very useful to drivers . It is called MiDGT and is the center of this entity’s digital strategy. In addition to being able to consult certain data, it now even serves to know the driver’s license grade an hour after having obtained it.

Car data

This application allows you to access the data of the cars that are in our name. Specifically, you can consult both the vehicle ‘s driving license and the vehicle’s technical data sheet , two documents that may sometimes need to be shown to traffic officers or consulted to carry out procedures.


You can also consult the eco-label from the car’s data sheet, appearing in the center left. In the same file, at the bottom, the vehicle insurance company appears, as well as the date on which it began. The insurance is annual, so we will also know how much is left before having to renew it.

MOT is also available . It indicates not only when the next one must be passed, but also its status, whether it is favorable or not. The kilometer figure marks the time at which the last inspection was passed.

Share documentation

Sometimes a household’s vehicles are used by several people at the same time. Maybe one uses it in the morning and another in the afternoon, or maybe one uses it on certain days and another driver on other days. However, it is necessary to always have the documents mentioned in the previous section available , in case they are needed.


To be able to consult them, it is always possible to share a vehicle’s documentation with other people who use the application . Obviously this has no relation to car ownership. To share documents you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the vehicle file.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click on share documentation.
  • Click Continue.
  • Scan the QR that appears with the other mobile phone with which you want to share the documentation.

Check your driving license

Another function of this application is to replace the physical driving license . By clicking on the text next to the ID photo in the application, the ID in question appears. In it you can see data, such as name, date of birth or ID, in addition to the type of card.

At the top right there is an icon that rotates the interface, showing what would be seen on the back of the physical card. Similarly, at the bottom there is the QR code generator that allows an agent with a scanner to verify that this document is valid.

Point consultation

Another of the most frequently asked questions about the digital license is the number of points available for a driver. Since the implementation of this system, drivers can lose their driving license if they commit many serious violations. In this app you can show what is left.

This figure appears in the main interface, in a considerable size, so that it is very easy to see the number of points left. On the right side there is a small message related to that figure.


In the side menu of the application there are several functions that are not in the main interface but are available. One of them is the consultation of fines . There are those that are pending payment and also those that have been paid.

The latter are in a column on the right side. At the bottom there is a button to pay a fine that has not yet been shown in the application. We will be redirected to the DGT website where payment can be made.


As with fines, there is a section that brings together the procedures that can be done with the DGT. For example, you can consult the driver’s report , with current data or data from the last 10 years. You can also request duplicates of the paper documentation , specifically the ITV card or the Driving Permit, although you have to pay in both cases. Finally, fees can be paid to obtain various reports and consult those that have already been purchased.


You can also consult the notes of a driving test , as long as you know the type of license as well as the date of the test. This new option has only been active for a few weeks, but it is capable of giving the notes only one hour after carrying out the control itself.


Although there are a multitude of functions and procedures available in the application, there are still things that need to be done in person. That is why it is also possible to make an appointment in the application itself . Using geolocation, we will be shown a list of the nearest headquarters. Selecting one we have to follow the steps to be able to make the appointment on one of the dates proposed to us. There are some offices that do not appear, and you will have to click on the link at the top of this interface to be able to make an appointment at them.

The application also allows you to receive alerts and notices directly, as well as identification of the driver in case of a complaint, verification of official documents and communication from the usual driver of the vehicle. This is a really practical application for anyone who has a Spanish driving license, which facilitates the management of various procedures and is, of course, free.