The new Windows 11 update is causing serious performance problems

the new windows 11 update is causing serious performance problems
the new windows 11 update is causing serious performance problems

Microsoft does not raise its head. The latest updates are causing real headaches and are making many users desperate, some of them even unable to use their computer. The blue screen has been one of the most recent, but it also led to system failures, such as the disappearance of the taskbar or the blocking of some tools. This time, the new version brings memory leaks in Windows Server and thus affects your system.

There is no doubt that the North American company owned by Bill Gates is not going through its best moment. The year started with successive errors that are doing nothing but hindering the operation of Windows. But the problems are still ongoing after receiving complaints with the latest system update.

Numerous failures in Windows Server

Last week, Microsoft released its typical security update for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2022, causing problems for domain controllers. This causes frequent and forced restarts , as reported by some Reddit administrators .

Specifically, the company is aware of this mishap and has stated that there are performance problems with the KB5035857 patch and that it is aware that there are LSASS (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) memory leaks, a service responsible for enforcing the security terms and conditions when accessing the system, as well as the handling of user logins, access token creation and password changes.

“This is observed when on-premises and cloud-based Active Directory domain controllers service Kerberos authentication requests.”

However, Microsoft has already commented that these types of situations only affect corporate environments that use some Windows Server platforms and that home users are completely exempt from these errors. For now, they are already working on a solution by detecting the root of the problem and the new results will be disseminated very soon.

Is there any solution available?

Until the hardware and software company resolves this unforeseen event, it may take several days. But if you are one of those who suffer from this problem and want to remedy it as soon as possible, the most advisable thing is to uninstall the latest system updates that are worsening your user experience.

If so, you can enter Windows 11 Update and Update History and scroll to the bottom where it says Uninstall updates. Here you can find the latest ones that you have installed.

Another option is using the Command Prompt. First do a search for the acronym cmd in the taskbar and click on Run as administrator . Then use the following commands, depending on the latest update you have installed:

  • wusa /uninstall /kb:5035855
  • wusa /uninstall /kb:5035857

Now we just have to wait for Microsoft to launch a new security patch that solves these problems once and for all. February and March have been two of the worst beginnings of the year for the technology giant. We’ll see if it receives less criticism in April and manages to make up for it with improvements to its operating system.


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