Android Auto is updated to version 10.4 and changes one of its best functions

Google does not stop updating its car app and now brings with it a long-awaited renewal for one of the most used apps on Android Auto.

The latest Android Auto update has ruined the audio experience for a large number of users, and now version 10.4 arrives with which one of the most used applications is renewed when you have your mobile phone connected to the car and you go on the road. It has to do with Google Assistant and now it will look better than ever.

The continuous updates to Android Auto are bringing important improvements, but they are also hindering the experience by containing some bugs that undermine some of its best features. Here Google should be more carefulsince it is an app that is linked to driving a vehicle and if some of its features do not work correctly, it can lead to somewhat delicate moments for the driver.

After the appearance of version 10.4 of this Google app in beta status, it is now being deployed in the final stage to be available from the Google Play Store. If it has been mentioned that you should be careful to release a version without bugs, from the beta of 10.4 to the final version It’s only been four days. At least it is for a long-awaited renewal of Google Assistant.

Android Auto

Is a redesign of the assistant which is on par with what can be enjoyed on an Android mobile, so at first it will feel like being at home, especially if you use any device with this operating system. Also, and as usually happens with these updates, Google will have applied bug fixes so that the experience is total.

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What is unknown is if it has fixed the audio problem that certain users are suffering with version 10.3 of Android Auto. Google has communicated that it does not even intend to solve it as there are bugs that Android Auto units are suffering from that come from piracy, but you never know if it will solve it in the end. What happens to Google is a constant, as are those devices that are sold with Android TV and that endanger the privacy of users.

Now the only thing left is go through the Google Play Store to update to 10.4 and thus enjoy this renewed appearance of the Google assistant. In any case, if the update is not available, according to Xataka Androidyou simply have to go through apkmirror to download the APK of said version and have Google Assistant fully renewed.