Accidental deletion, the new WhatsApp feature you’ve been waiting for for a long time

Accidental deletion, the new WhatsApp feature you've been waiting for for a long time

The WhatsApp messaging application has a new function for everyone, and it is one of those that users have been demanding for a long time that it should be present. We are talking about correcting one of the errors that are commonly made in conversations and that, to date, could not be corrected.

The new possibility is called Accidental Deletion, and it is associated with being able to rectify that at a given moment by mistake something that has been sent to the user is deleted… leaving the rest to continue seeing what they wish was no longer in the chat (both individually and in groups). If this happens, to date there was a hole in which little or nothing could be done… other than endure. Until now, sure.


New merger in WhatsApp that is very useful As we said, it is surprising that this new option has not been present in the application for a long time.

Since more than one has been in trouble for this reason. In this way, if the Accidental deletion option that appears at the bottom of the screen and includes the button to execute the action is used, the message will be seen again.

Consequently, it is possible to carry out the desired deletion, but, this time, for everyone. A breather for many. Activation has begun in some regions, but it will quickly arrive in all regions as long as you have the latest version of the messaging application (whether it’s iOS or the one that’s compatible with the Android operating system). Therefore, we are not talking about a test, since these have been recorded since August of this year. Good news that WhatsApp on this occasion has quickly found proper operation to make the new tool official. Cruising speed in application improvements For some time now, the company owned by Meta has been constantly adding new functions, which is a radical change from what was happening just a couple of years ago… where it seemed that WhatsApp had it was difficult to add new features and, for this reason, it was surpassed in functions by many of its rivals (led by Telegram). Now, with the arrival of avatars or the possibility of sending messages to oneself, it is clear that the usefulness of this development continues to increase. And this is sure to mean that fewer and fewer users are considering leaving the messaging service we are talking about.

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