You can now install the new version of Android Auto, one of the most mysterious so far

android auto nueva version.jpg
android auto nueva version.jpg

New version of Android Auto

Very few weeks have passed since the release of version 10.7 of Android Auto, but it already has a successor. Android Auto 10.8 It is already a reality and we are going to tell you what its main changes are and how to install it to enjoy them right now.

Just a week and a half after version 10.7, we now have stable Android Auto 10.8 available on Google Play. As can be guessed from the short period of time between one and the other, It’s not exactly a major updatebut it does have some interesting aspects for the future.

News of the new version of Android Auto

Android Auto It often feels like a work in progress, and on some level this is a pretty apt definition. The app often encounters problems with even essential functions, including voice commands, making it difficult for drivers to use it behind the wheel, so a new version soon emerges. The good news is that Google has significantly accelerated the pace of releases, especially since it introduced a beta program last year, so the times between versions are getting shorter and shorter.

That said, a new version is now available to download, which takes the app to the version 10.8 for all users. The Android Auto 10.8 beta was released at the end of October and the same version made it to the stable ring, allowing anyone to install it on their devices, even if they are not part of the testing program.

Android car app

Android Auto 10.8 is now available to download with mysterious changes, as Google maintains its frustrating approach of not providing users with release information. As a result, a changelog is not included, so The only way to know what’s new in Android Auto 10.8 is to install the update and look for changes carefully, with the users themselves being the ones who have to see what changes, what improves and what gets worse.

The launch of the Google Play Store is being done in stages, meaning some users will have to wait longer than others to receive the update. However, those who don’t want to wait for Android Auto 10.8 to arrive on their device can update manually using a manual installation via APK.

If you are compatible with the new version, simply search for Android Auto in the Play Store and check if the Update button appears. You can manually see what version you have by entering the details of the installed application. Your device may have it updated without you realizing it and, as we told you, you will not notice big changes once you start the application.

Wallpapers to suit you

Meanwhile, Google is already working on several big changes for Android Auto, and one of the most notable is support for custom wallpapers. Android Auto already allows users to set a background, but the options are limited to a set of preloaded wallpapers included with the app. Users have been asking for support for custom wallpapers for a long time, but the feature is only available on devices rooted and with unofficial solutions.

Google will enable new wallpaper features in a future Android Auto update, as the company wants to allow users to enable the same background as on your mobile devices. Therefore, the phone’s background will transfer to the infotainment screen when Android Auto loads, creating more consistency when switching devices. Over time, the migration from mobile to the in-car Android experience could be more seamless. References to this new option have recently been detected in Android Auto updates, but Google has remained silent about everything related to its debut. Work on the feature continues behind closed doors at Google, so don’t get too excited, lest the company suspend development if something doesn’t work as expected.

Google is also working on a disconnect button for wireless Android Auto users, allowing them to launch the app using another phone in the car. At this time, the only option to disconnect the main device from the head unit is to disable Bluetooth support.

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