Xiaomi launches a new TV Stick: it has 4K resolution and now supports Dolby Vision

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Xiaomi’s machinery never seems to stop, and an example of what we say is that it is continuously launching new devices so that users don’t look to other brands to buy terminals or all kinds of accessories. Among the latter there is a new one that surely attracts attention: the TV Stick 4K. Officially announced in India, but it is hoped that sooner or later it will reach other regions such as Spain, the product we are talking about allows you to use the Android TV operating system (specifically in its eleventh version) on televisions that do not integrate it. This, among other things, makes it possible to get much more out of TV, since you can install a large number of applications that work perfectly, such as games or all those that allow access to streaming platforms. In order for everything to work perfectly, the new Xiaomi TV Stick 4K, which is similar in shape to Amazon’s Fire TV, has quite competent hardware: Quad-core processor with Cortex A35 architecture and Mali-G31 MP2 GPU 2 GB of RAM· Storage of eight gigabytes Good connectivity and image quality In the first case, it must be said that everything that is needed for this equipment to access the Internet and connect with accessories or televisions is present. In the first case, it has Dual Band WiFi, so the stability when transmitting data is adequate. On the other hand, it has Bluetooth 5.0 to synchronize accessories such as game controllers, and the option chosen to establish the connection with TVs is HDMI, so its compatibility is excellent. By the way, the power is acquired through a USB port. Regarding image quality, it should be noted that the maximum resolution that the Xiaomi accessory can be used with is 4K, which fits perfectly with current televisions. Therefore, it does not require any scaling to enjoy the highest possible definition. A good detail of this model is that it is compatible with Dolby Vision, which ensures great color accuracy and a very high dynamic range. Besides, in the sound there is no lack of the possibility of using Dolby Atmos. Control and price of this Xiaomi player There are new features in the remote control, which is infrared and quite effective. Without missing a microphone to use the Google assistant, this time more buttons are included to access video platforms directly, raising the number to four. As far as price is concerned, the Xiaomi TV Stick 4K costs only 57 euros in exchange… an extremely competitive price if it is maintained when it arrives in our country. >

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