Windows 11 promises to solve this historic problem

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Since its official presentation on the market, Windows 11 brought all kinds of changes. Some more accepted than others among their users. But, if there is one that has been a source of controversy, it has been the design of the start menu. Now, it seems that they have taken action on the matter.

Windows 11 has a market share of 23.61%, compared to 71.64% for Windows 10, according to StatCounter data. A difference that is due to many reasons, but, among all of them, there is one that stands out especially: the design work that has been carried out on some of the most basic functions, such as the start menu.

As usual, users have made use of the loudspeaker offered by social networks to send Microsoft their complaints about how poorly designed this functionality is. Mikhail Parakhin, team manager Windows and Web experiences, He usually uses his X channel, formerly Twitter, to ask users questions about different issues related to design and user experience. And this has been precisely the channel on which he has confirmed that, after listening to the feedback from his community, he has decided to completely redesign the start menu which has been the subject of multiple complaints.

Eliminating the extra click

In essence, the start menu has not changed that much compared to Windows 10. However, the user experience it offers has changed, which now requires an extra click to be able to move between applications. And this has been one of the messages he has received Parakhin in his X account. The executive’s response was not long in coming, as we can see in the following screenshot.

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Twitter screenshot of Mikhail Parakhin

His response, translated into Spanish, says something like “It’s true” It bothers me a lot too. We need to make the start menu great again! However, it has not anticipated many more details than what we will be able to see in future updates. Although everything seems to indicate that we will return to the classic view of this menu. And, furthermore, add possibilities extra that allow us to have a completely revitalized menu that, in addition to offering us an excellent user experience, also allows us enjoy new features that are not available at the current time.

Microsoft, attentive to its users

With this type of movements, Microsoft demonstrates how the American company’s policy is continue studying the feedback of its users to implement improvements in the different updates of its operating system, in this case in Windows 11.

Precisely, the company changed organizational chart just a few months ago, announcing the departures of some of Microsoft’s historic names over the last few decades, such as Panos Panay, responsible for products like Windows and Surface until very recently. And giving greater prominence to figures like Parakhin, known for, among many other aspects, the weight he gives to the opinions of the active community that uses products such as his operating system, as demonstrated in the latest conversations he has had with through X.