Valve files patent for new VR controller

Valve files patent for new VR controller

Valve is getting ready to create new Virtual Reality technologies, such as a new headset and better controls than the ones we have available on the market, at least that’s what the description of a recent patent registered by the company indicates.

The document shows a control that has not been released and from the images, it is possible to notice features such as the rubberized footprint and improvements in general interaction.

Valve appears to be willing to dive headlong into the console and peripheral market. Although the owner of Steam has already ventured into projects in this direction in the past, it seems that the product division will really take off after the success of Steam Deck.

A new patent registered by the company indicates that they plan to turn their attention to the Virtual Reality market through the launch of a new controller and headset.

From what you can see, the device seems to have a design very similar to that of Meta Quest 2, with regard to the arrangement of sticks and buttons, it also seems that Valve wants to eliminate the touchpad present in the previous version. As for the detachable handle, at first glance we can assume that it was designed to make the controller easier to grip or to keep it in position even when it’s not tightened, which is great for preventing the controller from being thrown around in real life when playing a game. in-game object.

Photo: reproduction

The new layout also seems to have been specifically designed to ensure better tracking of the fingers, which will always remain on the sensors, regardless of the size of the user’s hands, in this case thanks to two additional grips.

As always, it’s good to remember that filing a patent doesn’t mean the device will actually be produced, but it’s good to see that Valve is looking to expand its horizons.

What do you think of this new controller?

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