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topics trends worries about the future – outlook for the.jpg
topics trends worries about the future – outlook for the.jpg

Back to normality: The IFA opens to the public again. She wants to set the trends for consumer electronics and the like. But how important is the trade fair?


After two difficult pandemic years, the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin – IFA for short – wants to find its way back to its old strength. From September 2nd to 6th, it will again bring together numerous exhibitors at the exhibition center under the radio tower to show trend-setting products in the areas of consumer electronics, smart home or computers and gaming.


In the c’t uplink we talk to Ulrike Kuhlmann and Alexander Spier about the trends and the key themes of the trade fair. And we look at the challenges facing the IFA. Because: Not all major manufacturers of the past few years have returned after the Corona compulsory break. Sony, for example, only wants to be there for trade visitors, Philips is missing completely and Telekom will not be presenting itself in Berlin either.

In addition, there is hardly a manufacturer waiting to hold back new products for a trade fair. Given this development, what future does the IFA still have?

Also present: Ulrike Kuhlmann (c’t), Alexander Spier (voonze online) and Sophia Zimmermann

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