This is how Google Photos has empowered your Memories and collages

collage google photos
this is how google photos has empowered your memories and

One of the most loved features of Google Photos He turned three years old this week. Launched in 2019, Google celebrates this third anniversary by renewing the section of Regards.

Memories from Google Photos is a section that appears at the top of the photo gallery, where as stories, it shows you your best photos and videos to travel through time, but starting today Your memories will be much better in Google Photos.

More videos, effects and music in your Memories

Google Photos renews the Regards to show from today more videos, including the best snippets from your longest videos. Google Photos will automatically select and crop your videos to show you the most meaningful moments.

For still images Google Photos will make them more dynamic by applying a very subtle zoom effect to add movement to your memories. But this is not all, starting next month Google will start adding instrumental music to some of your memories, getting with this combination of movement and music that surprises you or moves your memories.

To improve them even more and so that your memories come alive Google Photos also launches the new movie memories. They are new memories in which we will see a succession of cinematographic photos with that 3d effect which converts a static photo into a video with a 3D animation.

Google Photos is also inspired by old scrapbooks to show our memories. Under the new feature called Styles, we will see how Memories will be able to add graphic art to highlight our photos as if they were in a photo album. For a limited time, look at styles created by featured artists Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon.

Share all your memories

Only we can see our Google Photos memories, but from now on you can share your full memories. Until now you could only share a photo or video that appeared in a Memory, but now you can share the entire selection of photos and videos from that memory.

New collage editor

Finally, Google Photos launches new collage editor which now makes it much easier to create collages to share. Now you can choose layout (including featured artist styles) and easily rearrange selected photos by simply dragging photos to the desired location. you can also edit the photos from the collage editor to adjust brightness or contrast, apply filters, and more. Google One or Pixel users will have access to additional editing features like Portrait Light or HDR within their collages and access to over 30 additional layouts.

collage google photos

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