These are the new features that Android brings at CES 2024

these are the new features that android brings at ces.jpg
these are the new features that android brings at ces.jpg

Android Smartphone

Android is an operating system designed so that your devices can interact with each other in the simplest and most reliable way possible, regardless of the brand. This year, at CES, Android has announced a series of improvements that will allow all your devices with this operating system to do more things such as share files more efficiently, pair via Bluetooth with a new system or new functionalities added to the Google browser Maps among others.


A series of new features that will help you connect your Android devices to each other to have greater control. Working with different brands such as LG or Ford, Android aims to expand its connectivity by reaching more places, making it easier for all your devices to interact in all areas of life so that our daily lives are easier.

Sharing files has never been easier

Google and Samsung have joined forces to improve the file sharing experience between Android devices. The collaboration has resulted in a combined solution between the system Nearby and Quick Share from Samsung to which they have kept the name Quick Share but merging the best of the functions of both companies. This new function, integrated by default, facilitates the exchange of content between Android devices. Also keeping privacy in mind, users can control who can detect their devices from the phone’s settings.

In addition, to make everything more comfortable, they are working with top-level computer manufacturers such as LG to implement this system by default on Windows computers.

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Music is a fundamental piece

Another exciting news for Android device users is the improved Fast Pair functionality. Now, in addition to quickly connecting Bluetooth accessories to smartphones and Chromebooks, Fast Pair will be compatible with Chromecast with Google TV. This means that pairing your new headphones with your TV will be as easy as putting the accessory in pairing mode and tapping to connect. They also promise that compatibility will expand to other Google TV devices throughout the year, offering a fast and hassle-free connection experience.

Listen to music

On the other hand, speaking of music too, your favorite tracks and podcasts will also have a new playback function that allows you to send what you are listening to on Spotify or YouTube from your Pixel to your Pixel Tablet when both devices are close to each other. A promising feature a seamless transition between devicesallowing users to enjoy their music without interruptions.

Improvements for Chromecast and home automation equipment

In the world of entertainment, Google has continually worked to improve the Chromecast user experience. Now, users can send TikTok content from your phones to integrated Chromecast devices and not only that, but soon you will be able to stream live videos from TikTok directly to your TV. Chromecast integration will also expand to new devices, such as 2024 LG TVs, giving users more flexibility to enjoy their favorite content in different locations.

Mobile user TikTok logo

On the other hand, in the field of home automation, Google highlights its commitment to interoperability between devices with the development of some industrial standards such as Matter. This initiative seeks facilitate communication between smart devices from different manufacturers, allowing a better experience at home. Soon, LG TVs and other Google TV devices will be able to function as Google Home hubs, simplifying the way you add and control Matter devices on your home network.

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Google reaches more cars

Finally, improvements in Android Auto could not be missing. A series of new features that allow electric vehicles compatible with Android Auto to share information about the vehicle in real time. battery status with Google Maps, giving drivers a clearer view of their car’s range and also receiving suggestions for charging stops along the way. The integration of Google into the central consoles of cars from brands such as Ford, Nissan or Lincoln improves with these new features, allowing drivers to access applications such as Google Maps and the Google Assistant directly from the console of their vehicle. In addition, the possibility of sending planned routes in Google Maps directly to the car console makes driving and life behind the wheel even easier.