The latest from Google Maps will make following a route better and more comfortable, and it also comes to Android Auto

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812928970 237952644 1706x960.jpg

The company is testing a new feature that allows you to better orient yourself by seeing buildings in 3D when using the navigation view.

Traveling to an unknown place, whether by car or on foot, is much easier thanks to navigation applications, and Google Maps is one of the best and best known that can be downloaded in Spain, with a large number of options. Although there are also some competitors that are worth discovering.

However, the company wants to further improve the experience offered by its navigation mode, and is releasing an update where apply a new view to this mode which makes it more similar to the experience offered by a traditional GPS.

Recently, Google Maps has also included new features in its application such as the fact that the location history will be saved locally to make it more private, or a functionality that allows you to remember in an easier way the place where you have parked. Car.

3D navigation

The great novelty that Google is releasing to Google Maps users is the possibility of put the navigation view in three dimensions. In this way, it will not only be possible to see where to go, but the exit can also be identified by the shape of the buildings.

This three-dimensional mode is only available in some cities, but it has the great positive point that it tries to faithfully represent the relief of the cities, including the height and shape of the buildings, which can help more easily identify a street exit. in which you have to make a turn.

3D view in Google Maps

This feature has already reached some users, collect Sammobilebut it seems that It is still in the testing phase, and the company could introduce some last minute changes. In order to use it, you must enable the 3D view in the Google Maps options, although you may not find that option yet.

Once this has been done, the 3D view will be activated automatically when you enter navigation mode to go to a destination following the route indicated by the GPS. If there is a building that hinders visibility, it will become transparent. This view can also be seen in the Google Maps app for Android Auto, so it will appear the same way on the car screen.

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