Amazon convinces this important Smart TV manufacturer and will only use its Fire TV system

amazon convinces this important smart tv manufacturer and will only.jpg
amazon convinces this important smart tv manufacturer and will only.jpg

Amazon Fire TV Panasonic

It is indisputable that Amazon is destroying its operating system fire tv on all its devices, such as the Fire TV Stick or tablets, and has now reached an agreement with one of the most reputable manufacturers in Japan, which had previously paralyzed its television production, but which is now carried out by an external company. Which Smart TV technology developer has Amazon convinced to implement its interface?

He Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 is offering very interesting technological developments during its celebration in Las Vegas, where companies make presentations at seminars giving visibility to the latest Product updates and more innovative gadgetsin such a way that users from all over the world can enjoy it.

Among them, Amazon is being one of the multinational protagonists of the event thanks to the announcement of different associations that will be launched this coming year with the most emblematic companies in the technology sector. Thus, the most famous marketplace on the planet has convinced the manufacturer Panasonic to introduce its Fire TV operating system on your new smart TVs.

Agreement between Fire TV and Panasonic

Panasonic will become the first technology company to receive the implementation of the Amazon Fire TV operating system. The manufacturer’s new OLED Smart TVs will be the main models that will incorporate this interface with the accompaniment of the virtual assistant Alexa.

Likewise, Pansonic unveiled the OLED models that will integrate these features, the Panasonic Z95Awhich will be marketed with 55 and 65-inch screens, and the Panasonic Z93A, which will be available only in a 77-inch screen size. However, the Japanese company does not want to limit itself to just these two models, since in the near future more units based on other versions of smart televisions with Fire TV and Alexa are expected to arrive.

Panasonic will make use of the potential of Fire TV

As we have seen in the Fire TV Stick, the Japanese manufacturer will have Ambient Experience technologythat is, with all the experience that Amazon’s operating system offers on its devices, offering the user useful information when the screen is left blank. stand by, becoming a panel with notable information through customizable Alexa widgets. But you can also have a screen as if it were a painting in the purest Fire TV Stick style: it was a painting, showing photographs that change automatically in which true works of art appear.

On the other hand, we will have access to the incorporation of your official app storethe ability to control televisions using Alexa voice control and even other home devices compatible with the virtual assistant.

Therefore, you will be able to entertain yourself by watching your favorite live streaming channels, great streaming content broadcast on your favorite platforms, and a quick start menu where you can easily find all the personalized services that Fire TV offers.

Luxury cinema with Panasonic televisions

The new Panasonic equipment will be compatible with the technology Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail, an image enhancement system that clearly details all the particles on the screen, highlighting the brightness automatically. However, OLED TVs will bring with them a refresh rate of 144Hzintended for all those hardcore gamers.

With this strategic move, Amazon could soon integrate its Fire TV operating system into televisions from other manufacturers, as long as they are encouraged to do so and see that the results of the Panasonic devices have been productive and satisfactory.