Your WhatsApp chats will be more secure with this new update

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We all want our privacy to be as fruitful as possible when chatting or browsing the Internet. In this case, WhatsApp is implementing new measures in its system to communicate in a much safer way than before, highlighting a new encryption update most highlighted which will be implemented soon in the application’s chats. If you want to find out all the details, keep reading this article.

WhatsApp continues to incorporate innovative updates to its interface with the aim of increase the security of its users and ease your user experience when chatting with other people. The messaging application with the most registered members in the entire planet has introduced an option to be able to see clearly and quickly that the conversations we are having with family and friends are totally confidential thanks to the improvement of functionalities such as end to end encryption.

Safe conversations

The end-to-end encryption feature is a security method that WhatsApp uses so that no one has access to our personal chats, even the Meta application itself emphasizes that the company’s workers also do not have the possibility of intervening or snooping into the conversations of its users. Thanks to this system, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates and calls are safe.

Even so, WhatsApp wanted to go further and make its users aware that their security is more than guaranteed by introducing an innovative revision that will include the possibility of view the end-to-end encryption function conveniently within the chats, which will be reflected permanently every time we open a conversation. This update will be incorporated into the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS it is expected that it will be implemented on Android phones in the coming days.

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More visual end-to-end encryption

Previously, we could clearly see that a conversation is secure when we started a new chat, indicating the following warning in a striking yellow color: «Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. Andie from this chat, not even WhatsApp can read or listen to them ». However, once we started the conversation, that information was lost.

This function serves as a sign that messages shared in chats are fully protected against any unauthorized access and, now, the novelty is that this textual message will be applied below the profile names to improve visual comfort and quickly confirm that we are engaging in secure conversations, shortening the alert a little more: “End-to-end encryption”.

End-to-end encrypted WhatsApp

In this way, every time we enter a chat, WhatsApp will highlight this additional information about end-to-end encryption with a proactive approach to make it simpler and easier. that message remains completely perpetual so that its users can be more relieved to know that all their movements within the application are safe.