The new Google Play feature will prevent you from downloading a suspicious app again

Google adds an indication to the app store that will indicate that some applications have gone through a security check.

The security of the application store is one of Google’s priorities in 2023, and in addition to updating virus protection in Spain, the company has just included in Google Play a new badge that will indicate in a simple and visible way some applications that have gone through a security review.

It must be said that this badge is not available for all types of applications. Google, for the moment, has focused its efforts on add it to VPN appswhich can entail a greater risk because they directly interfere with communications and handle a lot of user data.

A VPN is a virtual private network that serves as a shield for your Internet connection, making it all user communications with the network are protected. A malicious version of this type of app can have a fatal result for the user who downloads it.

As indicated on its official blog, Google has launched a new signaling system called Independent Security Review. This new badge will be displayed in those VPN applications that are validated by the App Defense Alliance based on a global security standard.

Developers can submit a form with their apps to receive this seal, which will indicate to users that they can download the application with complete confidence in its security. According to Google, this indication plays an important role in whether users trust downloading an application.

Independent security review

To make these types of verified applications more visible when a search is carried out, a header has been added to Google Play under which those applications that have passed this verification will be shown. Along with these, a small explanation will also appear about the Independent Safety Review.

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There have already been apps like Google One or Nord VPN that have received the badge, which appears right at the bottom of the security information, and more are expected soon. It’s not discarded May this verification reach more types of applications soon that may significantly affect the security of the device.