The new Asus gadget makes sure your vegetables are well washed

asus purego.jpg
asus purego.jpg

Asus has launched a new gadget that moves away from the usual devices of the brand. This new proposal aims to monitor if your vegetables and fruits are clean for consumption.

Yes, a gadget that can detect impurities or contaminants that may be attached to the products or in the wash water.

A gadget that detects impurities in vegetables

This Asus device, called PureGo, tests the way you wash vegetables and greens. As if it were a food safety test, this gadget uses advanced detection technology to analyze and detect any impurities found in these foods.

It uses ultraviolet sensors to detect any harmful substances found in the wash water. If you want to quickly know the result, just take a look at the indicator of the gadget. If the LED light is red or orange, it means that it found some kind of impurities, and if it is green, there is no contaminant.

And if you want more information, then you can use the PureGo mobile app using Bluetooth. The app will show you a detailed report of the analysis. And of course, it has a wireless charger that gives you an autonomy of about 6 hours of use.

Although it is not the first product of this style, and it may not be a gadget that interests the vast majority, it can be practical in those areas where pesticides and chemicals are a constant threat, and a simple wash is not a guarantee of remove your waste.

However, keep in mind that this device is not 100% foolproof, since it only looks for contaminants, but does not ensure that it detects every pesticide that exists. And of course, it will not serve to detect and analyze microorganisms either. At the moment, this Asus device is not available internationally.