The Google Pixel Watch will have a hard time against the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, why?

The Google Pixel Watch will have a hard time against the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, why?
the google pixel watch will have a hard time against

Of the pleasant surprises that you have communicated Google In this year, it will finally launch a smart watch with its own Wear OS operating system. This will put one more player in this market segment in Apple and Samsung they dominate quite clearly (not forgetting Amazfit). The fact is that a detail of the smartwatch of the Mountain View company has been known that, it may be, that causes problems.

The Google Pixel Watch will not take long to become official, something that is expected to happen in combination with the firm’s new smartphones (this same fall). And, among some of its important novelties that it will offer, is that it will be the first to use Wear OS 4. This will give it a differential touch before other companies like Samsung update their models, such as the Galaxy Watch5.

But, in addition, the possible price that the Google smartwatch will have has been known, and this is where we believe there are possible problems that, perhaps, make its sales not as important as initially thought. For example, the model with access to LTE networks will cost in the US about 399 dollars (and, normally, the change to the euro is made directly). And, this makes the Pixel Watch significantly more expensive than the similar model offered by Samsung, which costs $69 less – the Pro variant of this is not comparable, at least on paper.

The hardware won’t help make it the users choice

If what is expected of the essential components that the Google Pixel Watch will have is confirmed, and seeing the price that we have mentioned before, things continue to generate doubts. The reason is that, contrary to what happens with the smartphones that are expected from the North American company, the chosen processor is something old: a exynos 9110 from, interestingly, Samsung. If compared to the one integrated into the Galaxy Watch5, an Exynos W920, it is clear that the former loses out… and overwhelmingly.


And, be careful, this remains the same in other sections that are important in smart watches. Without going any further, the battery built into the Google model will be 300mAhwhile Samsung’s option with a similar size amounts to 410. There is no energy management that can match it (unless Wear OS 4 performs miracles… which would also reach the Galaxy Watch5, everything must be said).

Better buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch5?

Unless Google has hidden options differentials and exclusives of which nothing is known, everything indicates that the Samsung smartwatch is a better option on paper. Obviously, the operation of the Pixel Watch remains to be known. If this one is good, you can have your options by design and being from the Mountain View company. But the truth is that it is more than clear that the Korean firm has done a great job with its new smartwatches that work seamlessly with Wear OS.


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