The ‘Acb District’ app arrives, a virtual world that will allow you to play games and much more

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Everyone has to adapt to the times, and an example is the application presented today by the Association of Basketball Clubs: Acb District. With this app, it is added to offer fans of this sport -and those who are not so much- a place to interact while having fun and sharing experiences. Ideal for, for example, keeping up to date with the most important basketball competition in our country and everything that has to do with those who star in it (with the teams themselves leading the way). In a virtual environment that is constantly expanding, since it has been indicated that the application will be alive at all times. The possibilities that exist for those who decide to download this app (already available for Android and it won’t take long to do the same on iOS) are very great, since the neighborhood it represents in a 3D environment will allow you to access different points where you can overcome challenges that will even be based on location and, of course, there will be common spaces in which all users can interact. This new option, which uses augmented reality technology in some cases, will have such interesting possibilities as, for example, being able to collect player and coach cards or enjoy the most striking scenes of the competition. All this is achieved by improving the classification that will exist in Distrito acb. Therefore, there will be an element of collecting that surely fits the current tastes of young people and adults. With Blockchain technology at the wheel This is an important element in the application we are talking about and that some may classify as a game… But in reality it is much more, since the objective is to achieve unique experiences. This is because there will be a great control of everything that users get with a safe scaling, therefore, we are talking about a perfect application for all audiences. There will be options as striking as the possibility of changing the design of your avatar or obtaining objects in the form of tokens that are unique. This will allow you to compete with other users, but it is basic to indicate that there is no correspondence with what is used in Distrito acb with a real currency, so it is not possible to have problems in this regard. And, in everything, the scalable Blockchain technology plays a leading role, promoting meritocracy by surpassing achievements of all kinds. It should be mentioned that the virtual world that is generated with this application is so large that each club that participates in the league can have its own space if it so wishes. In this way, the creation of the Do Next company (which is who has created the app), will allow unique objects to be launched for followers -and the possibility of even generating contact spaces with them that can be very close and, More importantly, constant. Arrival of the digital world with Distrito acb This is a crucial step for the Association of Basketball Clubs that participate in the professional league in Spain, since it allows them to decisively enter virtual worlds to generate greater proximity with users, especially the youngest, who are the ones who should fill the halls in the future. By the way, this does not make the Supermanager ACB game disappear, since it will continue as a reference among sports fantasy in our country. As Antonio Martín, president of the acb points out: “The acb district is a new leap in our permanent quest to generate community within the entertainment industry, beyond sports. We are proud of the result of this year and a half of work, avoiding the speculative and focusing on generating unique and truthful experiences, finding points of union and fun between the digital and physical worlds”. A challenge and an example. >

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