Tesla is canceling the installation of solar roofs


Tesla’s solar roof is one of the products that attracted the most attention a few years ago, elegant, aesthetically pleasing panels capable of covering a roof while capturing the Sun’s energy.

The problem is that it’s an expensive product, it’s not an easy sell, and now the EV automaker says Tesla is turning away deals in numerous markets.

The data on the cancellations comes from Electrek, where they indicate that the program has never really taken off. In the entire second quarter of this year, it was only installed in 300 homes, making it clear that Tesla’s energy division is not playing with the same numbers as the automaker.

On the other hand, some Tesla Solar customers have been receiving emails from the company with the cancellation of orders, with texts such as:

After further review of your project, our team has determined that your home is in an area we no longer serve. As we are unable to complete your order, we have processed your cancellation.

Tesla hasn’t indicated which specific markets went bankrupt, but they appear to include the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Northern California, Oregon and Florida.

There are also reports of employees being laid off in the solar programming, planning and design department, but nothing to match the layoffs made on Twitter.

Musk has confirmed in the past that Tesla’s solar program would not be a priority at the company, where cars remain the preferred child. Many employees stopped working on solar energy and started working on the Model 3 program, so the project suffered.

You can read more about the subject at electrek.co

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