Spotify Launches Confidence Closed Beta, A/B Testing and Product Experimentation Platform

The release of the platform was announced on the Spotify Engineering blog. The development team of the streaming service said that they often use A / B tests and experiments in their work. For example, Spotify developers test hypotheses in this way and study how users interact with new features.

In a blog post, the companies noted that they have been using this approach for more than 10 years. During this time, Spotify has accumulated a lot of experience in the field and accumulated its knowledge and approach in the Confidence platform, which will be available to developers in three ways:

  • Confidence can be used as a third party service. In this case, small teams will be able to deploy A / B tests with minimal economic and technical costs;
  • more experienced teams will benefit from a plugin that can work alongside other tools and libraries;
  • for closer integration of Confidence with the product, it will be possible to use the API.

For now, the platform is in closed beta, and Spotify is only granting access to select developers. Also, there is no detailed information about the service and documentation on the Confidence website yet. It is likely that additional resources are only given out to those who have already gained access to the platform.

You can sign up for a waiting list online. To do this, you need to fill out a short questionnaire, indicating the technological stack of the product and the goals of testing.

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