Snapchat prepares Snapchat Plus, a paid premium version

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In the same way that Twitter launched Twitter Blue a few weeks ago, its premium version with paid features, and that Telegram has also confirmed a version for subscribers with extra features, which will possibly arrive at the end of the month, Snapchat is also preparing a premium version of the social network.

Snapchat’s premium plan could cost from 4.59 euros per month

As confirmed by Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, is conducting internal tests to launch a paid subscription plan called Snapchat Plus, which will apparently give access to new features that are released before other users, and also will include other unique tools for paying subscribers.

Liz Markman, company spokesperson, has assured to The Verge that from Snapchat they are very happy with the potential to exclusively and experimentally launch unique tools for users who are subscribers. This beta-testing service will help them, he assures, to better understand their point of view on new releases and “better serve their community” of users.

For his part, the developer and code researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, has posted on Twitter a series of screenshots that show that Snapchat Plus will include other additional services in addition to allowing priority access to new features.

Among them, for example, you can prominently feature one of your contacts as your “BFF”I mean, like your best friend. You will also be able to change the Snapchat icon and choose from a wide variety of colors and variations of the traditional yellow ghost.

In the shared screenshots, too you can see the price that Snapchat Plus would have. The monthly subscription would cost 4.59 euros, while if it were paid annually the amount would be 45.99 euros. For now, keep in mind that these prices have not been officially confirmed by the Snap company.

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