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Find out how much unemployment you will receive if you lose your job: how to access the SEPE simulator from your mobile

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It is clear that losing your job is always bad news for all that it entails and especially in the economic field. For this reason, being proactive and knowing how much you would receive unemployment is always interesting. And needless to say if you have recently lost your job This is a very relevant fact.

For this we find a SEPE simulator that, although it is accessible from computers, it also works on mobile phones. Also, you will not need a digital certificate and [email protected]. So, grab your mobile and follow these steps to find out how much you will receive unemployment benefit.

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Guide to do the simulation from your mobile

As we already indicated, no certificates of any kind are needed to make this simulator. And it is completely anonymous and non-binding. That is, you will not have to enter personal data such as name or DNI, therefore not being used to make the request. It is a simple simulator that will guide you to get an idea of ​​how much you should charge based on your situation and conditions.

Step 1

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The first step is to access the SEPE Electronic Headquarters and select People. Then, among the options that appear, you must select the Make a simulation of the calculation of your benefit.

Step 2

After reading the information related to this simulator, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Benefit autocalculation program. Of the two options that appear below, you must choose the one of You have finished your contract and want to know what benefit or subsidy corresponds to youwhich is valid both if you have really lost your job and if you want to simulate your benefit if you lose it on a certain date.

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Step 3

The first question they ask you is date your contract ended, having to add the day, month and year. Then you will get a question asking whether or not you have received any type of subsidy in the last six years.

Step 4

Whatever your previous answer was, you will now be asked how long did you work during the last six years. After selecting one of the options that appear on the screen, you will have to answer now if you worked in the same company during the previous six months to the date you lost your job. If so, the next question will be about whether or not you received the same salary.


You will then be asked to enter the amount of common contingencies of your last payroll, whether they were the same in recent months or not. What comes next is a question in which you will have to say whether or not you worked part-time in the last 180 days. If so, you must specify certain data regarding the number of days and percentages.


Facing the final part of the simulator, you will be asked information about your childrenentering the number of children under the age of 26 without income who are in your care and also counting those who, even if they are older, have some type of disability.


After this question you will see the summary with your benefit, as well as the corresponding links to request an appointment with the administration. And it is that, as we already indicated, this is still a non-binding simulator, so it will be convenient for you to apply for the subsidy through legal channels to start collecting it as soon as possible.

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