Samsung would launch Android 14 with One UI 6 next week: the beta program ends

samsung would launch android 14 with one ui 6 next week the beta program ends
samsung would launch android 14 with one ui 6 next week the beta program ends

The Korean technology giant has been releasing new betas of One UI 6 for weeks to fine-tune your experience and arrive in the best possible shape.

Earlier this month, One UI 6 was made official for the Samsung Galaxy . An update based on Android 14 that will carry all the new features of the operating system plus many others customized in the One UI 6 layer. It is now known that Samsung intends to launch the stable version next week.

The One UI 6 beta program has been running for several months now and has been tested in Germany as well as in other countries, and of course, in South Korea. Samsung this time is a little late compared to the launch of One UI 5 , which at the beginning of October last year it was already announced that the deployment of the final version would begin.

Not everything always goes smoothly when updating a custom layer with new features, since at the end of the day it is still software, so bugs can appear and it may take a little longer than necessary to resolve them. After weeks of the beta program, a moderator in the Samsung Members community has posted that this week is the last week of the One UI 6 beta and no more updates will be deployed.

One UI 6, coming next week

It maintains that a final review of all beta versions of One UI 6 is underway and will release a new beta build if further issues are found before rolling out to the stable channel . In fact, the same moderate has clarified that, while there is no roadmap for the publication of the stable version of Android 14 to Galaxy phones, the deployment could begin next week with the launch of the October security patch. 2023.

Security patches are released every month to Galaxy mobile phones, so the Korean technology giant would take advantage of this release window to deliver the final version of One UI 6. So, as in previous years, the first to To receive this update would be the Koreans so that its arrival would be closer to the rest of the regions.

This year is also quite special for the Galaxy S23, since they all have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip , so no type of fragmentation has had to be done in the testing phase, so it could even be brought forward a little and In the end we were facing the same launch window in Spain as last year.

There are some new features, according to GSMArena , that will stand out with One Ui 6, such as the new design for the quick access interface and a new camera widget that will allow you to choose where photographs are stored before capturing them. Another new feature will be the ability to assign specific wallpapers for the different modes and routines. The list of Samsung Galaxy phones that will be updated to One UI 6 is also known .


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