Vivo Y200: more fuel for the mid-range with 5G, better screen, fast charging and Snapdragon 4 Gen 1

The Vivo Y200 arrives eight months after the Y100 with interesting screen improvements and a change in processor, from MediaTek to Qualcomm



They have not waited a year for Vivo to present the replacement for the Vivo Y100, a mid-range terminal that they launched last February and that had some interesting elements, but that have already been improved. The Vivo Y200 brings interesting improvements which, without being revolutionary, represent an even more complete mobile.

Without leaving the mid-range, some changes in this Y200 stand out, such as the switch from MediaTek to Qualcomm in the processor or the way in which the screen has been improved by adding more refreshment. We have already reviewed all its technical characteristics.

Vivo Y200 technical sheet

  VIVO Y200
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 162.35 x 74.85 x 7.69mm

190 grams


FullHD+ resolution of 2,400 x 1,080p

120 Hz refresh rate

Brightness up to 800 nits

PROCESSOR Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 1
REAR CAMERAS Major: 64 Mpx f/1.79

Depth sensor: 2 Mpx f/2.4

BATTERY 4,800 mAh
SOFTWARE Android 13


Bluetooth 5.1

USB-C (USB 2.0)

OTHERS Fingerprint sensor on screen
PRICE About 248 euros to change

V29 looks like, Y200 is


Bridging the gaps, such as screen bezels or smaller lenses, the new Vivo Y200 looks very similar aesthetically to the Vivo V29, the star mid-range mobile phone in the manufacturer’s catalogue. Flat edges and back with a bulky camera module in which, in addition to two lenses and a flash, that now characteristic ring of light is added that more and more Vivo phones are adding.

On the front what we find is an AMOLED panel that grows diagonally until it reaches 6.67 inches, although maintaining the same FullHD+ resolution that the Vivo Y100 already had. Although if there is a perceptible change here, apart from the size, it is that it goes from 90 Hz to a 120Hz refresh rate which will surely make you notice more fluid animations.

Riding Qualcomm and leaving a camera along the way


The Vivo Y200 leaves MediaTek and the Dimension 900 seen in the previous generation to give way to a newer Qualcomm chip, although not the most recent. Its about Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 a 6 nanometer chip that incorporates 5G NSA connectivity and is aimed at mid-range terminals like this one.

In the absence of knowing details about the type of memory it incorporates, in terms of quantity, we found no variations in this Vivo Y200. So, repeat the 8+128 GB formula again of RAM and ROM respectively.

Live Battery

The battery does grow, although slightly. From the 4,500 mAh of the Vivo Y100 we go to a 4800 mAh capacity which is very close to the standardized 5,000 mAh. And all this with the same power of 44W fast charging which already had the previous model.

There doesn’t seem to be much variation in the camera either with a 16 megapixel front and a 64 megapixel main sensor accompanied by a 2 megapixel depth sensor. It does lose a macro lens compared to the Y100, although the truth is that it does not have to be anything dramatic if we take into account that the secondary cameras in this type of range are still quite austere and more of a filler than anything else.

We also don’t see changes in the software, at least for now. This terminal comes with a version of the Vivo layer based on Android 13. However, Funtouch OS 14 has already been presented, which will be based on Android 14 and just as it is expected to arrive on the Vivo Y100 in January, it is likely that Also do it to this Y200.

Versions and prices of the Vivo Y200

Vivo Y200

At the moment, the Vivo Y200 is only available in India, without knowing if and when it will be launched globally. There it is available in green and gold color or, as Vivo calls them, ‘Jungle Green’ and ‘Desert Gold’.

  • Vivo Y200 8+128 GB: 21,999 rupees (about 248.02 euros at the exchange rate)

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