Android Auto releases new version: Few changes and redesign in Maps

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If you have a car, you surely know what Android Auto is, an application that makes our driving experience much easier, carrying our mobile to the car screen to avoid distractions and have everything at hand. You can access functions such as navigation, music and calls using voice commands or with the controls on the car screen and now you can update it to the latest version from Google Play.

Android Auto allows us to connect from the car using its screen to use apps that you use every day on your mobile phone. We can access Spotify, allow the car to read the messages we receive on WhatsApp or open Google Maps in the same way you open it on the phone. In addition, the car and the vehicle will be linked and have all kinds of very interesting functions. And now, if you use it, the new version that we can download of Android Auto for compatible cars has already been released.

New version

Just one week after the launch of the beta version and three weeks after the previous update, Google launches the official update through Google Play, where you can now update your app with bug fixes of the beta version. A new version that arrives with few changes and where generally those from Mountain View have focused on fixing previous bugs or errors but you will not notice anything beyond the design. More modern, more comfortable and cleaner since you updated to the latest version.

As we say, the only notable change we will find in the Android Auto navigation system when we connect the phone to the car. A redesign that seeks make it easier for the user to move and making the view of the map more comfortable. The interface changes. The map now in Google Maps will not be seen in an inclined way as it has been up to now, but instead opts for a completely aerial view of all the streets and roads. We have the same functions and we can use it in the same way as always but we will see it from a different perspective.



Android car app

Furthermore, there are also changes in other Android Auto menu items. The new interface in this version places the buttons on the side of the screen.

Beyond this, there are no other notable new features that make the experience change too much, but it is recommended that you update to correct any possible bug or to add the changes that Google adds very little by little. It is clear that Google is moving slowly but steadily to offer a driving application without errors that could cause an accident.

When will it arrive

Google has already officially launched the new version of Android 10.7 Auto and it will be a matter of time before it is available to all users. We can update the application from the official Google Play store or wait for it to update automatically but little by little it will reach all users and you will see all these small changes when you get in the car and connect your mobile phone.

But you should keep in mind that Google does not always release all the new features at once, so it is possible that you will see the changes little by little as time goes by and they are implemented. Be that as it may, it is always advisable to have the latest version as it will protect us in case of security holes or solve stability problems.

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