Perplexity AI and Bing chat, a comparison between two Artificial Intelligences


New artificial intelligence technologies are redefining our interaction with internet search platforms.

Google Bard, Perplexity, Bing chat… the world of search is changing, and it is important to follow the path of each option in detail.

I recently came across a good comparison between Perplexity AI and Bing Chat, and I’ll summarize it here:

Technology: GPT-3 vs. GPT-4

Perplexity AI defaults to GPT-3, a natural language processing model, but also offers a copilot mode powered by GPT-4. The latter provides a guided search experience, requesting more information from the user to craft detailed and personalized answers. Bing Chat, on the other hand, uses only GPT-4. In terms of usability, Perplexity AI leads the way, but Bing Chat takes the win in terms of accessibility to using GPT-4.

Functionality: Browser Apps and Compatibility

Both Bing Chat and Perplexity AI are available as browser apps. However, Bing Chat restricts use to microsoft edge to get more than five answers. On the other hand, Perplexity AI does not limit browser choice, which can be an advantage for users who prefer other options.

Speed: Response time and accuracy

Perplexity AI wins in terms of speed. Their use of the GPT-3 model results in quick and accurate responses. Bing Chat, on the other hand, is slower but no less accurate. If you’re looking for quick answers, Perplexity AI is a great option, although Bing’s ChatGPT 4 is more accurate.

Precision testing with personalized prompts

In tests with custom queries, Perplexity AI was more helpful and verbose in its responses. When asked for the best gaming laptops for $700, Perplexity AI provided a detailed list of recommendations, while Bing Chat stuck to a general list of options.

Stability: Availability and consistency

In terms of stability, Perplexity AI proves to be more reliable. Although you may suffer from what are known as “AI hallucinations” (unexpected results or false information generated by AI), it doesn’t cut off the conversation abruptly like Bing Chat can.

Conversation Capabilities

Bing Chat stands out in its ability to hold human conversations thanks to GPT-4 technology. It enables more complex and nuanced interactions, offering a more natural dialogue. Perplexity AI, while great as a research tool, can’t compete with Bing Chat’s conversational chops.

The choice between Bing Chat and Perplexity AI will ultimately depend on the specific needs of each user. Chat seems to be the preferred option for those looking for a more human and natural interaction, while Perplexity AI is ideal for those who value speed in the answers. This variety of options demonstrates the ability of artificial intelligence to adapt to the different needs and preferences of users, indicating a promising future for this technology.

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