What is Monday and how does this productivity tool work?

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monday.com It is a useful platform to work on where you can manage, coordinate and organize projects together with your work team efficiently and smoothly. This tool to improve productivity, in addition to being cloud-based, is fully customizable.

Monday.com is the safest place to manage and store all your projects in the cloud.

On Monday.com you can create boards to assign tasks, set deadlines, keep in constant communication with your coworkers, monitor progress in real time, etc. In short, there is no doubt that it is an incredible alternative on the web to services like Trello or Notion. Below, you will discover why it is ideal to work better in teams and save time.

Main functions of Monday.com

Here are just a few of the reasons to start implementing this handy tool to manage your workflows:

– Collaborative functions: At Monday.com you can invite all your coworkers to join a board. In this way you can share all kinds of information, comments, files and receive feedback. The platform will serve so that all members are kept informed about the evolution of the project and contribute to its success.

– Very easy to learn to use: Thanks to its intuitive interface, getting started with Monday.com doesn’t require a steep learning curve. With a simple glance you can control the status of each task and which team member is carrying it out. This system also allows you to generate graphs, calendars, maps and widgets to display all the information in the way that seems most pleasing to you.

– It is safe: the platform complies with the highest security and privacy standards. Mainly, because Monday.com protects your data with encryption systems, access controls and backups. In addition, this tool has a very high availability rate, which allows you to access your boards at any time.

– It adapts to your needs: When you start creating a board on Monday.com, you’ll notice the wide variety of customization options. You can choose templates or design your own dashboard, add columns, automate processes, etc.

– Other platforms can be integrated: Monday.com’s customization options go further to offer you the possibility of integrating other platforms to manage projects in one place. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to view real-time data of your profiles in more than 40 software such as Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar and many more.

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