From the cinema to your Smart TV: these are the premiere movies on Movistar Plus+ for April

from the cinema to your smart tv these are the premiere movies on movistar plus+ for april
from the cinema to your smart tv these are the premiere movies on movistar plus+ for april

For another month, Movistar Plus+ will release a good variety with the best movies so that its users can enjoy more content through the TV platform. During the month of April, the operator will fill its platform with the best European cinema , some Oscar titles or even films that have been a real blockbuster at the cinema.

Movistar’s premieres with the best cinema are now ready to make the operator’s customers enjoy once again. In fact, up to 14 new Oscar films await you, Spanish blockbusters, the best European cinema, direct premieres… So it’s time to prepare the popcorn, since big premieres await you in April.

The best Movistar cinema for April

For next month, Movistar already has its premiere cinema ready and assures that it is ” unbeatable .” On this occasion, you will be able to enjoy everything from Oscar films to spectacular blockbusters, as well as the best European cinema or some of the most notable Spanish films. For example, on April 1 the title ‘ Creatura ‘ lands on the operator’s TV platform . Neither more nor less than this title won the award for best European film at the Cannes Filmmakers’ Fortnight.

And just one day later, the movie ‘ How Much I Have Left ‘ will be available. Although it will not be until April 5 when one of the titles that won the 2024 Oscar for best original screenplay will be released: ‘Anatomy of a Fall’. In addition to the fact that it also managed to win the Palme d’Or at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. In any case, it is a title that focuses on the death of Samuel when he fell from the window of his house, and there are only two witnesses: his wife Sandra and her son Daniel, just 11 years old and blind.

On April 7, another of the titles that was present at the Oscars will be released, ‘ Robot Dreams ‘, by Spanish director and screenwriter Pablo Berger (‘Snow White’). On this occasion, the Spanish director adapts the graphic novel by Sara Varon, with which he obtained the Oscar nomination for best animated film. In this particular title you can enjoy a curious story of friendship between a lonely dog ​​and a robot.

Then, from Friday the 12th, you will have ‘ El Favor ‘ available. This title will let you know a story full of secrets, classism, lies, as well as a death and infidelity. In addition, that same day the movie ‘ The Book of Solutions ‘ will also begin to be available .

And at the end of the month ‘ Megalodon 2: The Pit ‘ arrives, specifically from Friday, April 26. Once again, Jason Statham steps into the shoes of Jonas Taylor to face one of the great predators in the sea, at least in this science fiction and action film.

And they are not the only news that awaits you, since there are up to 14 films that await you over the next month, at least, on the Movistar platform. It must be taken into account that these titles are those that are classified as ” Major film releases “:

  • ‘Smoking causes cough’. It premieres on Wednesday the 10th.
  • ‘The sun of the future’. Available from Tuesday the 16th.
  • ‘ Eight Moroccan surnames ‘. Since Friday the 19th.
  • ‘Fallen Leaves’. It premieres on Friday the 19th.
  • ‘Sisu’. Since Sunday the 21st.
  • ‘Metronom’. Since Monday the 22nd.
  • ‘ Monster ‘. Available from Monday the 29th.

Therefore, these are the notable film premieres in April within Movistar Plus+. Also, keep in mind that the film ‘Metronom’ is the one that the Spanish operator has chosen as the Direct Premiere . In any case, this is only part of the news on the TV platform for next month.


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