Mac Gaming with DirectX 12 support in CrossOver 23

diablo directx 12 support.jpg
diablo directx 12 support.jpg

Now comes DirectX 12 in CrossOver 23, CrossOver, the software that lets macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS users run Windows apps.

It has been announced that it will get support for DirectX 12 starting this year. This will provide an enhanced experience when playing Windows games on Mac devices.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of this update and the details provided by CodeWeavers, the company behind CrossOver.

DirectX 12 compatibility in CrossOver 23

CrossOver has been known for its ability to translate Windows APIs into their Mac equivalents, allowing users to run Windows applications on other operating systems. However, until now it only supported DirectX 11.

DirectX 12, on the other hand, is the latest collection of graphics rendering APIs developed by Microsoft, offering significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and taking advantage of multiple CPU and GPU cores.

The addition of support for DirectX 12 games in CrossOver will be implemented per title, avoiding bugs and compatibility issues.

CodeWeavers has confirmed that the first pre-alpha build of CrossOver 23, due to be released later this summer, has shown that Diablo II Resurrected runs on macOS.

While there are still a few bugs to be resolved, this milestone represents a breakthrough and opens the door to new possibilities for Mac gamers.

Challenges and future of DirectX 12 support

CodeWeavers recognizes that its journey towards full DirectX 12 support on macOS is just beginning.

They have found that there is no single solution to unlock this compatibility, and every DirectX 12 game will require extra effort to ensure it works properly.

In the case of Diablo II Resurrected, several bugs related to MoltenVK and SPIRV-Cross had to be fixed.

Similar situations are expected to occur with other DirectX 12 games, which means title-specific bugs will need to be addressed.

Beyond Diablo II Resurrected, CodeWeavers has plans to expand the list of DirectX 12 compatible games in CrossOver.

To help users identify which games will work well with the software, the company maintains an up-to-date compatibility database.

DirectX 12 in CrossOver 23 upcoming releases and conclusions

The first beta version of CrossOver 23 will be available this summer, followed by the official release later this year.

These exciting dates indicate that Mac users will soon be able to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience thanks to DirectX 12 support in CrossOver.

In short, the arrival of DirectX 12 in CrossOver marks an important milestone for the world of gaming on Mac.

The ability to run Windows games on macOS more efficiently and with better performance promises to open up new opportunities for Mac gamers.

As CodeWeavers continues to work on DirectX 12 support, users can look forward to a future where more games join the list of supported titles.

With CrossOver 23 on the horizon, Mac gamers can look forward to a more exciting and comprehensive gaming experience on their preferred platform.