Lenovo Glasses T1, Lenovo’s jump to augmented reality

Lenovo has signed up, on this first day of IFA 2022, which is probably one of the most striking ads, with one of those devices that will give a lot to talk about and that, for many, has become one of those gadgets that we hope to get to try at some point. It does not seem that it will be possible in the short term, since its debut will take place exclusively in China, but this may change substantially in a few months.

But what are we talking about? well of the Lenovo Glasses T1, augmented reality glasses that connect by cable to our smartphone, PC or other compatible devices, and that allow us to view its contents through the glasses, since each “glass” is actually a screen with FullHD resolution (1,920 × 1,080). Initially they are compatible with Windows, Android and iOS, allowing connections via USB-C, HDMI and Lightning (with an optional adapter).

The screens are built from Micro OLED-panel with a super high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and capable of providing a refresh rate of 60 hertz and certified both in terms of the reduced emission of harmful blue light and the reduction of flickering to avoid visual fatigue. These features mean that these Lenovo Glasses T1 can be used to transmit video, as well as play games from connected mobile devices, but also as a privacy solution when we want to review content privately in a public space.

Lenovo Glasses T1, Lenovo's jump to augmented reality

Lenovo has not revealed much more about the Glasses T1, which will be called the Lenovo Yoga in China, but it has indicated that feature built-in high-fidelity speakerswhich includes an interchangeable nose mount to make them more comfortable even in cases of prolonged use, and that it will be possible to add prescription lenses thanks to an attachable mount that will be included with the Lenovo Glasses T1

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«Every day, people around the world turn to mobile devices for entertainment and productivity.said Eric Yu, Senior Vice President, Business Product Center and SMB Segment, Smart Devices Group, Lenovo. «Screen real estate can be a huge bottleneck in the user experience. With a solution like the Lenovo Glasses T1, users have a private and portable big screen experience and can get more value from their phones and laptops.»

No specific date and still no pricethe Lenovo Glasses T1 will go on sale this year in Chinaand its jump to other markets is expected, it is not known which ones, throughout 2023.

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