It was one of the most anticipated functions and Samsung has just included it in its devices

it was one of the most anticipated functions and samsung has just included it in its devices
it was one of the most anticipated functions and samsung has just included it in its devices

Battery statistics are essential so that users can know a little more about the autonomy of their device. Now, Samsung is recovering in the Galaxy range phones one of the functions that it eliminated in the past and that will surely be well received by its community. We tell you all the details and how to obtain it.

Samsung’s One UI 6.1 update is starting to roll out to the company’s devices. And, with it, comes one of the functions that the Samsung community could already use in the past, but which, after the One UI 6.0 update, was no longer available. Now, the Korean company has recovered it: these are the metrics related to battery life. Specifically, the time elapsed since the last charge.

After One UI 6.0, Galaxy device users were no longer able to view battery data since the last charge. Instead, information was accessible to know the battery consumption during the last 24 hours. However, for many, this information was not detailed enough to be able to anticipate the power consumption of their devices. Now, Samsung has recovered this information and offers it to us in a very simple way.

Time since last charge

It has been a renowned Android analyst who, through his X account , has made this new feature known. From now on, once One UI 6.1 reaches all devices, users will be able to obtain detailed information about the behavior of their battery since the last charge. In addition, in the same section we will also be able to access information regarding the screen-on time of our terminal.

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All this data will be included in the “Today” menu found in the battery configuration menu. When we click on the “See details” option, we will be able to consult more metrics about the energy consumption that the different applications that we have installed have demanded. As well as the services that are part of the daily life of our telephone.


Regardless of the level

In order to access the information related to the battery consumed since the last charge, it is not necessary that we charge our device to 100% . Once we unplug the charger from our smartphone, regardless of the level at which it has been charged, our device will automatically begin to measure the consumption made from that moment. In this way, it will be much easier for users to predict the behavior of the battery based on usage.

In order to start enjoying this new functionality, we need to go to the Galaxy Store of our Samsung device and then update Device Care. In the event that you have not yet notified us of any update, it is recommended that we check the application store periodically. Since it is likely that a phased deployment is being carried out and it has not yet been our device’s turn.