Samsung now allows you to create a 3D map of your connected home: visually locate your smart devices

samsung now allows you to create a 3d map of your connected home visually locate your smart devices
samsung now allows you to create a 3d map of your connected home visually locate your smart devices

Almost as if it were the house from The Sims, the Korean company launches a new experience to organize or plan the connected home.

If Samsung’s Galaxy Ring smart ring is going to be able to connect to the home through Samsung Food, in order to give dish recommendations when you arrive after running  , now the technology giant has launched a very interesting novelty in Spain: the ability to Create a virtual map of the home to locate smart devices .

In a home that is increasingly connected with speakers, light bulbs or motion sensors like those from IKEA , it can be  difficult to locate them as well as their management , which can generate all kinds of headaches.

Samsung’s solution with SmartThings is a 3D map view functionality to place or manage all smart devices . Samsung’s goal is to give the user the necessary tool so that they can also adjust the lighting, temperature, air quality and energy consumption of each room.

The best thing about this 3D map from Samsung is that it takes advantage of Spatial AI on Samsung devices , as is the case with Bespoke Jet Bot, which uses LiDAR sensors to measure rooms in the home with great precision and thus generate an accurate and detailed map .

A filter function is included to more efficiently monitor connected devices , and at the end of the year, for greater customization, the AI ​​characters that the company showed at CES 2024 will arrive. Map View is now available in the SmartThings app in Spain for both Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on their Smart TVs and others such as Family Hub refrigerators.

In the tests carried out in Voonze, on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra the update is now available to access Map View and thus use the available options to create the 3D map: with a photo of the floor plan , hand drawing or organizing rooms and walls with a tool for their creation.

Can you locate all your devices?

Of course, to locate devices on the map they must be from Samsung or compatible with Matter,  the unified protocol that Apple and other manufacturers have joined so that all devices ‘understand’ each other.

With the map already designed, it is easy to place furniture, plants or smart devices with a drag and drop experience in a well-designed and well-functioning app.

A new and great experience that Samsung offers with SmartThings by announcing it  from its website , making it easier to manage all the smart devices in the home. The only handicap is that Matter is not yet widespread enough for all non-Samsung devices to be added.


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