Xiaomi’s latest for the home is a smart and fireproof switch

xiaomi's latest for the home is a smart and fireproof switch
xiaomi's latest for the home is a smart and fireproof switch

The Asian company continues to complete its catalog of home products with a smart switch that offers us a large number of advantages. We tell you the details.

Smart switches have been in Xiaomi’s catalog for some time now. In fact, the Xiaomi Smart Witch Pro was presented at the end of 2023, becoming an excellent option for our home. However, recently the Asian company has launched a second version, in white, which seeks to completely adapt to the aesthetics of our home. Among its main features is its configuration with a single key, the use of scratch-resistant materials and, as it could not be otherwise, a more than interesting price: approximately 17 euros to change.

single wire

One of the aspects in which the Xiaomi Smart Witch Pro stands out is in the installation process. By having a single cable to make the connection, the entire process is very simple. Avoiding any problems that may arise when interacting when having to manage a greater volume of cables. In this case, Xiaomi also wanted the switch to be able to connect to our application so that we can make much smarter use of our home, having the option to manage everything that has to do with the lighting system of our home in just a few clicks. a few touches. 

In addition, it is compatible with Xiaomi’s voice assistant . So it is not necessary that we have to get up to interact with the switch in question or pick up our mobile phone to do the same. We will also be able to configure it so that, through voice commands, we will be able to create personalized environments or manage any other aspect that is necessary.

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Greater durability

Another feature it presents has to do with durability. In its construction, an AG glass panel has been used with an external coating that protects it from practically all elements that may affect its aesthetic condition. In this way, we find a switch that is resistant to fingerprints, marks of use and even oil marks to which they may be exposed as a result of excessive continuous use. In this way, it will not be a challenge to always have our switches in the best condition.

Xiaomi has also stopped to think about the safety of its consumers. And, to do this, it has built the switch with a retardant material called V-0 and which has great resistance to fire. As well as an adaptive and AI self-verification mode that ensures greater protection in the event of a fire, preventing its spread.

Finally, it should be taken into account that inside we find gold-plated terminals that improve the connection and reduce home energy consumption. Furthermore, to avoid any overload, the switch is configured to automatically cut off the current when it detects that it exceeds 220 W or the temperature level increases above the values ​​that are considered normal.