Instagram messes up and deletes posts for no reason in Spain: why now it says that “they violate the rules”

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Many  Instagram users are reporting problems with the application and its content policy.


Bad times for   Instagram users, who are suddenly finding that they can lose their accounts just for publishing content that has always been allowed in the community.

The controversy began last Monday, when some users used X (Twitter) and other social networks to complain that Instagram was deleting recent posts. Specifically, they had received a notification informing the user that the post had been deleted, or was displayed lower in the feed, because it “may violate our Community Standards.”

The problem is that content deleted or limited in this way usually does not violate those rules; For example, there were users who were ‘punished’ in this way for showing a photo of a rosary, or for posting a simple joke or joke. Since neither Instagram nor its parent company, Meta, made any type of announcement in this regard, conspiracy theories immediately appeared on social networks that tried to find an explanation for this apparent change in rules.

Instagram deletes posts

For example, one of the most repeated theories is that Instagram was responding to complaints imposed by left-wing politicians and activists, who would be trying ‘censor’ religious or political themes on the platform. There is also talk of a massive operation to close accounts based on false complaints.

Far from that, it appears to have been a simple service error. This seems to be confirmed by Daniel Chalmeta, Strategic Partner Manager and public relations at Meta, who on his Threads account has sent a message to Instagram users in Spain. In the publication, asks users not to worry if they have received a notification that their content has been removed or that it violates the app’s policies. Finally, he states that the company “is working” to fix the problem.

Without more information, it is difficult to say what exactly has gone wrong with Instagram, but everything indicates that it is a problem in the algorithms that detect content banned on Instagram, as illegal content or that actually violates the community rules. It would not be the first time that something similar has happened, and in fact, a few days ago X (Twitter) had a similar problem in which it blocked the viewing of photos published on the platform because it considered them offensive.

The fact that Chalmeta has asked users not to worry suggests that these Notifications would not be counted against accounts that they have published the deleted content unfairly; Therefore, no user should be banned from the platform accordingly.

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