The big change in Google Photos that will solve the big problem of having many photos on your mobile

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Google has finally activated the new Google Photos feature that allows you to automatically stack similar photos.


Any Android mobile worth its salt already has a good camera, and the leading models even have Artificial Intelligence functions to improve our captures. So it is understandable if we are one of those who are constantly taking photos with our cell phone, always looking for the best shot. However, that opens the door to new problems.

For example, many people are now realizing how important mobile storage capacity is; a detail that until not long ago was secondary, but now is very important if we are filling the available space with photos. Cloud services like Google Photos can help us keep only the photos we need.

Another big problem is in organizing photos, especially if we take several captures in a row or of the same subjects. In those cases, it can be difficult to find the image we really want, because we will have to go through dozens of identical photos. Google has already implemented some features that make searching for photos easier, such as allowing us to type what we want to find, such as people or animals, but the latest development may be the most useful.

What’s new in Google Photos

This is the function that allows you to stack similar photos. It works exactly as it says: Google Photos is now capable of recognize photos that are similar and group them into a single thumbnail, instead of having several at the same time. For example, if the app detects that we have taken five or six photos of the same person, in a very similar position, it will group them into a thumbnail that will represent them all and will put an indicator of the number of photos there are; To see the photos, all we have to do is click on the thumbnail.

This function can be tremendously useful if we like to take several consecutive photos and choose the one we like the most or the one that looks the best; The problem with this technique is the number of unnecessary files we create, but at least with Google Photos they will not take up the entire application.


The photo stacking feature came to iPhone users first, but it is now coming to all Google Photos users on Android. We don’t have to do anything to activate it, since Google will do it automatically and it will show a pop-up window that will notify us that the photos are grouped; If we don’t like it, we can deactivate it directly in that same pop-up window, or by clicking on the three dots button and deactivating the “Stack similar photos” option.

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