A Movistar Plus+ channel launches its High Definition version

a movistar plus+ channel launches its high definition version
a movistar plus+ channel launches its high definition version

The Movistar Plus+ platform is improving the broadcast quality of its channels in recent months. After the “DTT blackout” in standard quality, the company is working to optimize its services by offering them in High Definition . Since yesterday, a new dial is available in HD and adds to the long list of content in that resolution to leave SD behind also on private television.

The channel that has left standard quality behind to make way for High Definition on Movistar Plus+ is Paramount Network . This channel. Located on dial 36, it was already available in HD on Digital Terrestrial Television, but it has also just become available on Telefónica’s television platform.

It should be noted that this news does not surprise us, since we knew that Movistar was preparing this quality for several channels , including Paramount Network. For several days, we were waiting for dial 36 to be activated in HD for subscribers to the platform and yesterday was finally that day.

This year there are several channels that are moving to High Definition on Movistar+, according to the information published in our forum . Also notable are Energy HD (dial 42), FDF HD (49), Divinity HD (95), Boing HD (117), DMAX HD (89), TRECE TV HD (37) and SX3-33 HD (119).

What is Paramount Network?

The Paramount Network channel is on DTT, therefore, we could already enjoy its content in HD. But its programming can also be seen through the Movistar Plus+ platform. On this site, it was still streaming in standard quality and that has definitely changed this week.

As defined on their own website, “Paramount Network is a premium entertainment venue that goes beyond the limits of storytelling.” Among its television programming, it stands out for both its fiction series and its non-fiction programs.

On dial 36, we can watch movies of every genre we can think of. From drama, comedy, action, thriller, animation, horror and the most classic cinema that never goes out of style. In addition, Paramount Network is also ideal for Western enthusiasts , as it has a wide selection of Western titles.


 Why didn’t the DTT blackout affect Movistar Plus+?

The end of HD television on February 14 only harmed the channels from Digital Terrestrial Television . That is, private channels or dials viewed from platforms such as Movistar Plus+ or similar were not affected and could continue to be consumed in standard quality.

In this way, Movistar customers with the operator’s TV service with an old television not compatible with HD did not have major consequences. Although several Spanish families had to manage to continue watching the channels with HD decoders, Movistar Plus+ subscribers continued with the SD dials as before.

That was possible because Movistar does not take the channel signals directly from DTT. However, despite the fact that some dials are still in SD, the operator has shown its commitment to HD quality and even Ultra High Definition (UHD) . Therefore, it is a matter of time before the platform leaves standard quality behind to definitively move to HD.

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