the simple action to mention someone in a whatsapp group that avoids adding them to your agenda
the simple action to mention someone in a whatsapp group that avoids adding them to your agenda

With the huge amount of new functions coming to the chat app, sometimes one can forget about the simplest tricks or actions to perform.

The chat app owned by Meta is updated every so often and improves some of your experiences. Which means that some actions can be carried out in a different way . The funny thing is that there are some tricks that have been in the app for a while and until someone teaches them, they go almost unnoticed and that saves your time, as in the case of mentioning someone in a group chat.

The normal way to mention someone in a chat may be to simply include the person in the contact book and thus find them to perform this action, but you must add them to contacts, their phone number, name and other details.

It can all be reduced to a simple action to mention someone in a group chat and stop adding people to the agenda of a group that you may leave soon. It is done like this:

  • The at sign is typed in the chat (as easy as holding down the “a” key on the mobile keyboard).
  • The complete list of group participants will appear.
  • Click on the person you want to mention.
  • The message is typed and that’s it.

How to mention in a group of many users

If the group has few users it is easy to find any person to mention, but if there are dozens it will be more complicated, so through the at sign in the mention you can quickly find any user :

  • You type the at sign by pressing and holding the “a” key and then begin writing your name with the initial.
  • The list of participants is reduced as the rest of the letters of the name of the person you want to mention are typed.
  • Everything will depend on the number of participants in the group (you can see this information by clicking on the name at the top of the chat).

This experience on WhatsApp has been going on for years and was deployed in 2016 , but like so many others, it is very easy for all the contacts you want to mention in a group chat to be unknown and always transferred to the agenda.

To get the most out of WhatsApp, it is best to be updated with this list of tricks to be up to date  with an app that is going directly to becoming a super app (it has been the wish of its CEO for years to imitate WeChat) with Other news that is yet to come.


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