This modular prefabricated house with two bathrooms and three bedrooms will make you want to move in as soon as possible

this modular prefabricated house with two bathrooms and three bedrooms will make you want to move in as soon as possible
this modular prefabricated house with two bathrooms and three bedrooms will make you want to move in as soon as possible

Prefabricated houses are becoming more and more fashionable. But, although there is a lot of talk about them, it is true that a good part still have that identifying aspect of their construction. However, models like the one we are going to show you change the entire concept to offer a modular design with better facilities and an interior and exterior appearance that causes a sensation.

It is beginning to be common to hear all kinds of people talking about prefabricated houses. And it is no wonder, since it must be recognized that they have advantages and that their appearance, in many cases, is luxurious, practical and attractive. Overall, it is a new type of residence philosophy that attracts attention. With models like this, it is more likely that the bug will start to bite us and we will think about whether to make the leap to a prefabricated house.

The Landmark Millenian 2 is presented

The name of this prefabricated house is Landmark Millenian 2 and it is a model built by the company Commodore Homes , which is one of the best positioned entities in the US market. The presentation of this new model took place recently and has caused a very positive impact due to its characteristics, dimensions and finishes.

As can be seen online, its reception has been so warm that even some architects have applauded the appearance of the home. Above all, the first thing that catches your attention is the exterior, which does not have those identifying factors of some prefabricated houses. Instead, it is stomping to pave the way for a new era in the design of these cutting-edge homes that are becoming more and more widespread.

This is this prefabricated house

First of all, take note of its enormous size: more than 130 square meters . Whoever has land to place it on could live in a dream residence. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so that the whole family can live comfortably and with enough space to avoid having to wait in line when washing their face in the morning.

The entire installation is of high quality and has a first-class finish as can be seen in the images and video that we attach to you in this news item. Even the small details, such as door and window frames, shelves, cabinets, curtains or lamps, everything has a beautiful finish.

Interior smoke detectors and a robust roof ventilation system are included, as well as glass panels or a securely locking exterior door. The kitchen is at the same level as the interior and exterior of the house , with a No-Frost refrigerator, double sink, gas stove and all the other appliances you can imagine. Inside the bathrooms include one-piece fiberglass showers and tubs, spacious toilets, LED lighting, ventilation and mirrors.

Of course, the entire home has an efficient fiberglass insulation system and has the necessary installation to enjoy the different elements necessary on a daily basis. However, the most important thing about this Landmark Millenian 2 model is related to its modular format . In this way, people who want will have the ability to acquire, in addition to the main structure of the prefabricated house, several modules that could meet special needs.

These modules include a covered porch that makes it possible to install an optional fireplace. The porch is connected to the master bedroom and can be one of the best additions to the home. In addition, in a modular way it is also possible to access a tiled shower or the installation of an internal staircase. This flexibility provided by the modules could be an interesting way to give the prefabricated house a more personalized appearance depending on the interests of each client.

When making a general assessment of the home, there is no doubt that one of its strong points lies in, as we said, the way in which it transmits new vibrations . It does not follow the line of the most classic prefabricated houses, but instead opts for a more luxurious and cozy appearance, with an exterior design that attracts attention and provides a breath of fresh air.

The good news, although this prefabricated house may not reach Spanish soil except through import, is that these types of designs will surely inspire other manufacturers . So we are sure to find, in the future, many more interesting proposals to choose from.


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