How LinkedIn is consumed the keys to getting more people to see your profile and finding a job

how linkedin is consumed the keys to getting more people to see your profile and finding a job
how linkedin is consumed the keys to getting more people to see your profile and finding a job

LinkedIn has shown data on its use in Spain, revealing things like that on Fridays there is more activity or that the mobile phone is used the most.

Just as there are social networks designed to share photos and videos such as Instagram or ephemeral elements such as Snapchat, there are also platforms that are more intended for work use than leisure use. Linkedin is the most used in Spain in this sense, and now the company is 21 years old.

In all this time, the company has been able to learn from its users and the way they use the platform, and thanks to that, quite interesting data can be extracted to know when and how it is best to use LinkedIn to reach the greatest number of people. .

With the help of GfK DAM, the official digital audience meter in Spain, it has analyzed its use during the month of March to offer information. For example, of the 11.7 million users who accessed the platform, there were more men than women , although with a fairly low difference. It has also been possible to extract that its largest audience is between 45 and 54 years old, with more than two million users.

This is how LinkedIn is used in Spain

According to GfK DAM data, LinkedIn has more than 2 million active users who access the platform every day to stay up to date with the news of their contacts and people they follow. And the function of the social network is none other than to create a network of contacts with other people who may interest us in the workplace.

And, precisely as it is a social network intended for work, working hours are the preferred time for users in Spain to enter the app, with the majority being between 1 and 6 p.m., so this may be the time. best part of the day to make any publication. The day with the most access is Friday, with more than 5.5 million unique users, while weekends are when fewer people are connected, so fewer people will see what is published during this period.

With a big difference, the device from which it is accessed the most is from the mobile phone, with more than 8 million people, compared to the 5 million users who do it from the computer and the less than 400,000 people who access it from a tablet. This can make reading long texts, without bold and without spaces between paragraphs, quite tedious , so it is best that the publications be clear, not too long and, especially, easy to read.

Almost 7 million users on the social network are working, but there are also more than 2 million students looking for their first job. Of course, the app has a quite varied audience in Spain, although it is more popular in some areas such as Madrid, Catalonia, Aragon and the Basque Country.

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